Today Wes Gordon wrote a love letter to New York signed by Carolina Herrera. The collection was full of classic looks with a colorful palette that screamed New York, I love you.

Carolina Herrera has a strong powerful Latin culture influence but, in her hearth, she is a true New Yorker. Now, as creative head Wes Gordon has infused the brand with an energy of youth and freshness that has brought the label into a new era. The last collections have been so modern that instantly they have become iconic.

Today we saw stunning looks paraded in the most iconic locations of the Big Apple. Colorful maxi skirts against the blinding lights of Times Square or delicate knitwear pieces walk on One Vanderbilt, in Madison Avenue. Without a doubt we can see the inspiration running rampant through all the pieces of the collection and the music video itself.

A joyful vision to the sound of the 1977 Odyssey hit “Native New Yorker” were we got to see the classic Carolina Herrera look, white shirt with a maxi skirt, and sequin gowns dance while framing the natural beauty of the models Alek Wek, Lulu Tenney, Ash Foo, Effie Steinberg, Philyne and Theresa Hayes. Dancing and prancing around NYC they represent the allure of the city itself.

The clothes themselves were a mixture of what life in the city means, sports wear meets luxury. We saw bright red raincoats paired with maxi skirts, or a shirt dress in pink pastel hues alongside rainbow skirts or metallic technicolor paillettes sewn into midi dresses with balloon sleeves.

The iconic polka dot print and the giraffe print are reinterpreted into modern versions bolder and bigger and are accompanied by the heart, a symbol of hope and resilience that New Yorkers have.  Wes Gordon inspiration was just the people of the city, especially his team in his atelier, “This collection is a rallying cry for the city that never quits” says the creative. 

I completely fell in love with the black and white giraffe print of the power suit combined with the femininity of the ruffles of the blouse underneath. Second on my wish list is the amazing rainbow maxi skirt with the green and blue heart long sleeve shirt.

Mr. Gordon is telling us that it is time to dress up, time to celebrate and to enjoy life. This explosion of color is just what we need to brighten the future after the cloud that last year casted over our lives. It is time to go out and live. Or as the designer says, “There are now reasons for cautious optimism – let’s embrace them!”.

Oh, I will be daydreaming of that green and blue sequin dress with pink tulle ruffles all day. After seeing this unique collection, I just want to travel and dress like a lady. Without doubt I am in love… with New York, Wes Gordon and Carolina Herrera!