I’m excited because I returned to NYFW after several seasons, it was unbelievable to say the least!. It was kind of a quick stop, but an amazing experience. I attended the Carolina Herrera show for the first time which I really enjoyed and then went to the Zimmerman’s and Michael Kors shows, as well, and let me tell you their collections are stunning. 

I had an amazing experience at @farfetch showroom this week. They lent me some pieces to complete my looks and they were such a huge help, they have a wide variety of new season selections that could have made difficult to choose among, but fortunately everyone at @farfetch were more than willing to give suggestions. So finally, the pieces I chose were from the @miumiu’s valentine’s collection and they looked so adorable that they gave me the idea of making a video. So keep posted!

As I told you before, fashion weeks are crazy, because there’s a lot to do, a lot of places to go, a lot of things to see and sometimes it seems to be not enough time. However, this is one of my favorite cities in the world, and no matter how crazy the schedule gets there are places that I know I’ve got to go and I wanted to share them with you. Who knows? Maybe we find out we love the same places or maybe you´ll decide there’s one you haven’t been before and want to know.

I really enjoy visiting the Met museum when I’m in New York. It’s a perfect spot where I can relax and have quality time with myself. Also if you’re a fashion lover you cant miss the museum’s Costume Institute.

When I’m feeling cheesy, I love having breakfast at Tiffany’s, although right now it’s closed due to some renovations and will reopen on 2021, if you happen to be at NYC when it’s reopened, you must try the avocado toast and the waffles, just make sure to have a reservation, because they can have a 30 day wait list. 

Sarabeth’s is one of the best places to have dessert or just something really sweet. They have pancakes, waffles, and delicious pastries with fresh berries, when you go you absolutely must try the chocolate truffle cake.

Fortunately, it’s located in front of Central Park so it’s perfect to take a walk after breakfast so you won’t worry about said cake. And of course, you can’t miss a walk through Central Park as it’s a paradise in the middle of the city, if you happen to be there on spring, the cherry blossoms are quite a sight.

Soho is the perfect place to have a nice walk and do a little (or a lot) of shopping. There you can find an array of the city’s most stylish shops, art galleries and bars, and you can appreciate its impressive cast-iron buildings.

As I promised you before, I definitively enjoyed my days at NYFW to the fullest, New York will always have a special charm to me and I almost can’t wait to return again. But that will have to wait, because there are new trips and adventures to come, where do you think am I going next?

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