A summary of the most important news and updates from the month of October. The worlds of music, fashion, cinema, and beauty have given us lots to talk about in recent weeks.

Alexander McQueen Takes London

After 20 years, this brand returned to London to present its Spring ‘22 collection. The collection was full of oversized silhouettes, two-piece tailored wool suits, corset dresses, XL tulle skirts, and denim pieces paired with leather details. The collection was inspired by the imposing and unpredictable sky above the brand’s workshop. Sarah Burton wanted to capture and communicate the idea of constant change–that resilience that people and the fashion industry have demonstrated over the last year. Alexander McQueen presented a collection full of pieces that represented comfort and elegance, past and future. Each was a mixture of Burton’s aesthetics and the legendary vision of McQueen.

Rosalia and MAC Cosmetics Gave Us the Collab We All Needed

In recent years, Rosalia has taken over the music industry and the world of fashion. She has positioned herself as a style-star and is often in the front row of fashion week shows and on the covers of the most important fashion magazines in the world. Now, this Spanish singer has launched her first makeup line together with cosmetics giant MAC. The collection, entitled Aute Cuture, consists of nail polishes, lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail decor. In total, there are 16 products that represent the free and energetic spirit of this artist. The shades range from red to nude to gold–colors that allow us to replicate the artist’s glam look, that extravagant, over-the-top style that Rosalia is known for and that everyone loves.

A Rainbow of Nail Colors from Hermès

Hermès is one of the most recognized luxury brands in the world, known for its attention to detail, expertise, and perfection in everything that it does. Two years ago, when this brand first ventured into the world of beauty with its Rouge Hermès lipstick collection, it was met with resounding success. At the beginning of this year, the brand gave us Rose Hermès, a line of blushes that expanded the Hermès beauty universe. Now, the brand has created Les Mains Hermès, a collection of 24 nail polishes that include shades of the brand’s classic Orange Boîte, an emerald green tone called Vert Égyptien, and Rouge Casaque, which is a vibrant red. It’s a collection that encapsulates all the spirit of this Parisian brand– its optimism and love for perfection.

Date Night, the Second Chapter of the Carters x Tiffany & Co

In August of this year, this New York jewelry brand announced that the Carters (Beyoncé and Jay Z) would be the stars of their campaign titled “About Love.” In the first mini-film, the brand invited us into the world of romance and luxury in which these two artists live. On October 19, we were given the next installment: “Date Night,” the second chapter of this love story. Queen Bey and Jay Z enjoy a night out in NYC in a short film directed by Dikayl Rimmasch, who put a playful touch on romance. The Carters laugh, play games, eat pizza and drink champagne—it’s an intimate look at the elegant universe of this power couple. Plus, there’s an appearance by Blue Ivy, whose performance shines brighter than any of the jewels worn by the Carters.

The Best Movie of the Year

Since the Venice Film Festival, Dune has been one of the critics’ favorites. The film is an adaptation of the eponymous sci-fi novel that tells the story of an intergalactic conflict between different aristocratic houses. It’s a story of love, power struggles, and political intrigue. While the plot of the film itself is enough to captivate the attention of audiences, the movie also has a stellar cast including Timothée Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, Zendaya, Jason Momoa, and Javier Bardem, to name a few. This film hit box offices October 22 and has since been a major success–a must see for lovers of the sci-fi genre.

The Return of Adele

In October, the world screamed (or cried) with excitement when Adele released her first single in more than 5 years. “Easy on Me” is the lead single from the British singer’s new album entitled 30. Fans have been begging for new music for years and their wish is about to come true on November 19. The single is already number 1 in the UK and climbing the Billboard 100. I have no doubt that it will soon be number one.  The music video already has 110,241,495 views on YouTube. Adele has proven once again that she is a music icon and that, like King Midas, everything she touches turns to gold.

This is a just brief summary of the most important things that happened in fashion, beauty, and music in October. It was a month that gave us lots to talk about thanks to the launch of new projects in many different industries.



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