An ode to femininity, full of taffeta, tulle, sequins and silk. All the romance and elegance of Paris come to life in the garments of Giambattista Valli’s Fall 22 collection.

This Roman designer has always amazed us with collections that tell us stories of romance and passion, full of garments that exalt femininity through sumptuous and delicate textiles. Since the foundation of his eponymous brand, the designer has made it clear that he wants to transport all the grandeur of the world of Haute Couture to prêt-à-porter, and he has achieved this because each of his collections are made up of dreamy garments. His designs are full of glamor and ultimate sophistication.

Giambattista Valli has been crowned the couturier of romanticism, and he has created a beautiful symphony in which the musical notes are made of tulle, silk, lace, and taffeta. Each of the outfits we saw is a melodious harmony that evokes a feeling of passion and romance. They have that French sensibility that the world loves and tries to emulate. From the coat with a print reminiscent of the precious Versailles tapestries, the flowing maxi dress in pink silk with floral print (which evoked the style popularized during the time of Marie Antoinette), and the ruffled mini dress with balloon sleeves in transparent tulle, each garment was stunning. 

But this time, the Roman designer not only presented us gave us a collection with his legendary and iconic dream dresses. Today, we saw a modern collection. We saw a wide variety of 1960s silhouettes – crop tops paired with mini skirts, dungaree dresses, graphic print coats with feather trim details, and two-piece suits with flared pants – take center stage alongside princess dresses. The magic of the collection was that both of these aesthetics seemed to exist in the same wardrobe. The more futuristic clothes got a feminine touch thanks to lace details, sequins, feathers, and bow, but the more fairytale-like garments have an avant-garde feel thanks to Giambattista Valli’s atelier’s ability to manipulate fabrics.

Every one of the pieces we saw on the runway was simply Giambattista Valli. There’s no other way to say it. The designer’s DNA was reflected in each outfit–textiles stitched together with magical elements such as lace, feathers, and sequins. This is the universe of the brand, one that creates opulent fantasies. Each outfit speaks of subtlety, femininity, and delicacy. The designer’s Fall 22 pieces are absolute perfection. The brand has been characterized as a faithful representative of French aesthetics, and in this collection, each look seems to represent a different corner of this beautiful city. We see architecture in the dresses, art in the prints, and the color palette seems to reflect the skies of City of Light. This collection is Paris, through and through, and just like the magnificent city, it’s full of elegance and beauty.

Giambattista Valli has always sought to create garments that make us swoon, dream, and feel joy. Each of the collections that the designer has created since 2005  is full of that fairytale feeling. This is how he has become one of the red-carpet favorites. His ability to convey feelings through his clothing makes him a dream weaver. And this time, he used his talent to create an ode to the sublime beauty of the art of fashion.



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