During the last day of Paris Fashion Week, Miuccia Prada presented her Fall 22 collection–a fantasy in which all the allure and magnetism of the Miu Miu woman got infused into the world of sportswear.

Miu Miu is Miuccia Prada’s baby. What began in 1993 as an accessories line quickly became one of the most influential brands in the fashion industry. Miu Miu is irreverent and carefree.  Miuccia once said in an interview for WWD “When I’m working on Miu Miu it has to come immediately, instinctively, spontaneously”.  It’s this exact vibe that we see in each of the brand’s collections. As the brand has grown, we have seen the design evolve but stay true to its essence. 

In her previous collection, Miu Miu managed to create one of the hottest trends of the season: the return of the super mini-skirt. We all remember that look I’m talking about. This season, we saw that same vibe in many designers’ collections. Miu Miu is dressing the “it girls” of the world, those women who don’t care what others think and are simply authentic, true, and free. That spirit was the cornerstone of the Fall 22 collection that Miuccia Prada presented at Paris Fashion Week. Miu Miu continued right where it left off last season, with the same energy on the catwalk and the same aesthetic, but interpreted differently.

The twist for Fall 22 was that each look was heavily inspired by American sportswear. We saw all that elegance and freshness of the Miu Miu world merge with the informality and versatility of this casual wear. We saw sports-inspired looks, like very short tennis skirts combined with classic white knit polo shirts. This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill tennis outfit you’d see on the courts of Arthur Ashe Stadium, but one full of that young, rebellious, Y2K aesthetic that is taking over streetstyle lately. Throughout the collection, we saw checkered trench coats, pleated skirts, and knit garments–all classic elements of the 80s preppy style. But this time, each of these garments had that unique style of the Miu Mui universe. Each look was sexy, daring, and youthful. We saw crystal mesh dresses over satin lingerie combined with knit socks and ballet flats and outfits with oversized checkered jackets with white shirts, short knit sweaters, and mini miniskirts, creating a contrast between the irreverent sensuality of the outfit with the XL silhouette of the tailored jacket.

But Miu Miu is still that rebellious girl that we love so much.  Aged leather aviator jackets are set to become the new “it” piece of the season. In oversize silhouettes, in black, brown and burgundy tones, in snakeskin, with sequins and crystals, faux fur or shearling lapels, this classic from American culture got reinvented under the sophisticated vision of Miu Miu. We felt that same feeling of joy and fun throughout this collection. Miu Miu Fall 22 is about challenging at the established rules of dressing. Miuccia Prada is telling us that it’s time to feel free again, express ourselves, and show who we are without fear.

This collection is a celebration of the freedom characteristic of younger generations – both those of the present and those of the past – who, no matter what others think, make their own rules, kind of like Miu Miu. This rebellious fashion brand has become a trendsetter. Miu Miu is setting the pace at which we all must march.



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