Learn about great places in Miami that go beyond the typical attractions. Here’s how to enjoy Miami like a local with a list of my favorite places.

Miami is one of the most popular cities in the world, but even regular visitors tend to overlook some of its hidden gems. So that you can get to know another side of Miami, a more local one, I’ll give you some ideas that only insiders know about. Don’t miss out on your next visit to our city!

A great place is Miami Beach Cinematheque, and it’s a must if you like movies. This intimate South Beach theater is run by the Miami Beach Film Society and features independent and classic films with seating for just 50 people, making it a very unique experience for moviegoers. Occasionally they offer live shows and art exhibits. It also has a café, bookstore, art gallery and library—it’s the ideal place to immerse yourself in culture. 

Another hidden and very local spot is Miami’s Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist temple, perfect when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The temple features stunning Southeast Asian architectural design including chofas, gold-toned horn-shaped spiers that shimmer in the sunlight. Inside the temple is a massive figure of the Buddha that was professionally sculpted in Thailand before being shipped to Miami.

A personal favorite is the Pérez Art Museum of Miami, or PAMM, which houses some of the best international contemporary art. Miami is a great destination for art lovers. The 20th– and 21st-century works on display come from all over the world. It’s a must for anyone who visits the city.

The Little Haiti Cultural Complex is a very special place (unknown to even many locals), where you can explore Haitian culture and cuisine while surrounded by vibrantly colored Caribbean architecture. Here, you can enjoy shopping, musical acts from Haitian artists, and even instrument classes so that you can join in the celebration. It’s also a place that’s perfect for taking Instagrammable photos.

My last recommendation is the SoundScape Park located next to the New World Center. It serves as an escape from the city. This urban oasis is filled with green spaces, trails and towering palm trees. The landscape design is super relaxing and complements the sounds of the classic New World Symphony. The park frequently hosts events, so if you come, you may get to see a cool exhibition or musical performance.

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