This Italian brand is recognized as a pioneer in the fields of design and innovation, and with its Spring 22 show, Prada opened the doors to a new world of possibilities.

Milan Fashion Week is a time in which the entire fashion industry heads to Italy to see designers’ new collections. There is always talk of new designs–the new accessory that will be all the rage next season or what show was the most spectacular. But, this time, there was something else to talk about: how Prada decided to present its Spring ‘22 collection.

To unveil their Spring ‘22 collection, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons chose to hold two simultaneous live shows, one in Milan and another in Shanghai. Both were broadcast around the world on different digital platforms. Two cities, two locations, different guests, but only one collection. This format gave us a new way of viewing Fashion Week and begged the question: could local Fashion Weeks go global? Not only did the attendees at Fondazione Prada experience a live show, so did attendees on the other side of the world at Bund 1. They both watched the models come down the runway in the same designs; it was like two parallel worlds. Technology helped create a unique moment in which two groups of people, in different cities, enjoyed the same experience that was also simultaneously being watched by millions around the world in a digital way. Once again, Prada asked us to look to the future and reminded us that they are pioneers who venture into the unknown to achieve the extraordinary.

But, beyond the ways in which the Prada show may change how we experience Fashion Week in the future, the collection itself was spectacular. Just like the show, the aesthetic of the Spring ‘22 collection was meeting of two different visions:  Italian opulence and Belgian avant-garde. Each piece was a fusion from the creative minds of Miuccia and Raf, in which oversized silhouettes in leather biker jackets overlapped with the sensual Italian allure of trailing satin skirts, striking a balance between urbanism and glamor. Each of the looks in the collection offered us a new aesthetic for everyday luxury: garments elevated through sumptuous, opulent materials. The looks were made with simple, architectural lines, forming rigid silhouettes, but garments like leather jackets and knit sweaters also gave us a feeling of everyday comfort. 

For shoes, Prada presented mules with kitten heels in bright shades like orange, emerald green, and yellow or in black patent leather. Small accents of color added a playful touch to timeless outfits. Minimalist bags in black or red leather bordered on being utilitarian but managed to still be elegant pieces without being ostentatious.

Among my favorite outfits from the collection was the look that combined a long-sleeved knit polo shirt with a pink satin miniskirt with a black sash and train, a pair of neon orange kitten heels and a red bag. The contrast between the colors was not a collision but a harmony: an overall color block effect. This look was the perfect combination of exaggerated elegance and casual comfort. I also loved the nude leather jacket with an oversized silhouette and tie closure paired with a short black skirt with a green sash.  n my opinion, this look was the epitome of modern sensuality. Another outfit already on my wish list was the lime green knit dress (the skirt has shorts under it) with a belt and Prada logo patch. This monochrome look combined with a pair of black bracelets and neon-toned shoes was a vibrant vision of perfection!

Miuccia and Raf have once again proven that they are visionaries who are transforming the industry. They are two great creative minds who understand the world and design pieces that adapt to modern needs. Prada gave us garments for the Spring 22 season that are full of energy and optimism, and I loved it!



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