Goodbye high fashion and hello high school. Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini goes back to school and reimagines the classic uniform codes into a preppy overload of clothes.

I would had never imagined what would have happened if we took all of Blair Waldorf preppy and waspy looks and throw them into a blender with some ruffles and military coats from Bridgerton? Well, we would get Philosophy latest collection.

The classic jumper is brought into modernity with the addition of ruffles that accentuate the V neckline or balloon sleeves to create a more defined hourglass silhouette. Pleated shirt dresses over printed stockings. Varsity jackets in oversize proportions cinched by the waist with leather belts to create a more feminine look and black sequin cocktail dresses. These are not your everyday run of the mill school uniforms.

The creative mind of Lorenzo Serafini presented today their newest chapter at Philosophy. A total nod to the college uniforms and the preppy style. But in his own twist he has taken the codes and classic pieces of the college uniforms and transform them into something extra. 

The designer stated that his own character and creativity is the result of the experiences and conflicts he faced during school. He considers that it is in that moment where generations are formed and shaped through social interactions and the sharing of knowledge. A concept with which I totally agree, I think school is a place where creativity can run free of the shackles and boxes of adulthood and where we define who we will be. So, what better place to look back for inspiration.

I would have love to walk down the halls of high school with that mustard wool jacket over my green sweater and pleated leather skirt or go to graduation with my black beret and white long sleeved white dress with a mid-16th century ruffle collar, you know that I have always love that extra flare and glamour.

I am deeply sorry that I am watching this show through my laptop screen, don’t get me wrong I loved the video presentation that the label created, but this is a collection that has to be watched and appreciated up close. The details to the embroidered, the ruffles, the sewn letterings on the tailored jackets, the pleats on the miniskirts, the pins, brooches and badges, they all look stunning through a screen but imagine having them live in front of you during the rise of the show.

In conclusion, next season I will be trading the runways for the hallways all dressed up in my uniform… signed by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini.