Today let’s talk about one of the most anticipated shows (by me and probably also by you) of Milano Fashion Week: Prada! Since Miuccia announced that Raf Simons would be joining her in the brand’s creative direction, all the attention was focused on them, and there was a question that I guess many of us were wondering about: How much of Raf’s signature would show in Prada’s DNA?

And I guess the answer was totally clear with this collection. No one could doubt that this collection was Raf Simons’ at its core, but at the same time, it managed not to overshadow all the work that Miuccia has been doing during these years. Both are great personalities in the fashion industry, and the synergy they both created was so wonderful that it was almost obvious, while the two creative directors answered questions sent by the public. My favorite part was when Miuccia explained that creating something new just for the sake of creating something new is no longer the important thing, but that it is necessary to go further. Because that’s exactly what they did!

ll the small details are what make this collection so innovative. Classic pieces were reinterpreted by Raf and imprinted with his unique style. Solid colors remained, we also saw pastels among blacks and whites, accompanied by polka dots, flower prints (you know, classics never get old), and endless words printed on hoodies, coats, skirts, and dresses. Without a doubt, one of my favorite elements were the holes in the turtleneck blouses and knitted sweaters that go according with the season’s tendency of showing bare skin, as well as the printed or pinned Prada logo on the collars.

The tribute to the way Miuccia holds her coats was charming and made me think that even though Raf joined Prada, the fashion house is still a hallmark of femininity and empowerment.

Here are my favorite looks from this collection. Do we agree on any?



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