My next show for today (July 6th if you’re reading this later) was Ralph & Russo’s show and it was amazing! I’m enjoying very much the way every house is showing what makes them unique and reminding us through every step the things we love about the brand.

Ralph & Russo presented their muse for this collection: Hauli (a traditional Swahili name signifying strength and power). What’s different about this muse? That she’s an avatar! Tamara Ralph commented: “Hauli is so much more to us than the means to show digitally this season; she represents the brand and all of the values that we stand for. She is the ultimate modern woman; fusing both old and new, elegance and strength, and stands with the brand as a positive force for change”. And I don’t think that there’s a better way to describe Hauli, you need to see her to be able to appreciate what she transmits!

And if that was not enough Hauli presents the collection against the seven contemporary wonders of the world: Petra, Taj Mahal, Chichen Itzá, Machu Picchú, Christ the Redeemer, Great Wall of China and the Colosseum. And the effect when mixing technology and nature, creates a different kind of fantasy.

The collection was outstanding, and although due to the pandemic it was impossible to have the 52 pieces of the collection tailored, we are able to see the 52 sketches of the whole collection, and I’d recommend that if you want to remember the artistic part of fashion, see each one of these sketches and pay attention to the level of detail in each one, look how each feather was meticulously drawn and placed where it should be, how each fold is measured and placed exactly where it needs to be, who said fashion is nor art? (And how is it you make a sketch glow?)

My two favorite pieces of this collection were the ones featured in the Colosseum and Christ the Redeemer. 

There’s only one word to describe this white dress: astonishing. I’m sure that a lot of women started fantasizing with this dress (me included of course!) exactly the way we used to fantasize about that perfect dress when we were just little girls!

And this little pink dress, looks sweet and fierce at the same time. And I think that would be the perfect way to describe this collection: beautiful, inspiring and strong.

Did you see this show? And the sketches? Which were your favorite pieces? Were you as excited as I clearly am?