A color that evokes sensuality, passion, anger, and power. Red is an extreme hue: the color of adventure and temptation. It’s the perfect lip color. 

Color is an interesting thing. Each shade has a different psychological effect on human beings. For example, blue tends to calm us down and bring us peace, while white is associated with purity and cleanliness. But, of all the colors on the chromatic spectrum, there is none quite as energetic as red. For some, it signifies passion; for others, it signifies anger, love, or danger. The color red is as varied as humans themselves.

In ancient times, this color was associated with mysticism, the divine, and the supernatural. It is a color that signifies good fortune in Japanese and Chinese cultures and even has magical value. And, it’s nothing new that we wear the color on our lips. Back in Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was dying her lips red with natural pigments, and in Elizabethan Era, Elizabeth I of England believed that this lip color possessed divine power and strength. The lip color went from representing the women of the aristocracy to representing those of the lower classes, later becoming a symbol of women’s liberation and American patriotism. Every decade has seen red lips come and go, with iconic women like Lauren Bacall during Hollywood’s heyday, Diana Ross in the disco years, Madonna in the 90s, and Taylor Swift in the new millennium wearing this shade.

Red is a favorite in the makeup world. It is the epitome of seduction and a favorite of Hollywood stars. How could we forget the sexy Marilyn Monroe, the elegant Elizabeth Taylor, or the Italian beauty Sophia Loren? All of these elegant women—albeit very different from one another—loved wearing red lips. Red lips suit any woman and help transform a boring look into one full of energy and vivacity. Red lips show power; they are the hallmark of a confident woman, who is not afraid to show her personality and drive. Red lips are the mark of a free and modern woman.

This lip shade is one of my favorites and a staple for any makeup collection. You never know when you’ll need a little bit of ruby ​​armor to face the world.

But, as with any kind of jewel, there are tons of options and it can be very difficult to choose. First select the tone (in this case, red) and then, the type of finish.


These lipsticks are luminous and made with ingredients that will help keep your lips moisturized. The light coverage will allow you to apply it several times a day without making your lips feel heavy, so it is ideal for everyday wear. Just remember that you will have to touch up your makeup several times a day to maintain that bright red color.

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This type of lipstick gives you extreme pigmentation and a matte finish. The color doesn’t lose its intensity, so it’s ideal for a dinner party or a night out. If you opt for this finish, just make sure to apply lip balm before putting on your favorite red lipstick. This finish has a timeless elegance and gives you the perfect pout.

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Glossy lips are bright and striking. You’ll immediately attract some attention. Gloss doesn’t last as long on our lips, so you have to reapply it more often. But, it also allows you to combine different shades of red, and it can be used over lipstick for more volume.

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