New Year’s Eve is a great time to do some rituals to let go of the old and welcome the new.

There are many traditions when it comes to saying goodbye to one year and starting a new one. Some of these rituals are very personal. They look at what we want for our lives: our dreams, goals, and deepest desires. Each of these rituals can adapt to the intentions of whoever does them.

Rituals can be very simple–like blessing food before eating it–or much more complex and requiring a sacrifice–like doing a traditional 21-day fast. Whatever ritual you do, it’s important to give value to it, and, above all, be open to the results that it brings. The universe can surprise us with what it sends our way!

There are many popular traditions for starting the new year in a positive way: sweeping the house, throwing a glass of water into the street, opening doors and windows, making noise the first hours of the morning on January 1, breaking old dishes in front of the front door, sitting down and standing up with each toll of the midnight bells, eating lentils, and many more. Here are some of my favorites. I hope that 2022 will bring health, peace, harmony, and blessings for you and your families. Happy New Year!

Welcome rituals for 2022

The end of the year is also a metaphorical end that helps us see the possibility of starting over. For this first ritual, you must sit in a quiet, peaceful place where you can meditate. Connect with what happened over the past year, remembering what you experienced each month. Give yourself time to feel and observe each of the important moments that you went through during this period.

Write down everything you liked about the past year, and on another sheet of paper, write down the things you want to let go of and leave behind. Write in the present tense: “I want to change …”, “For this new year, I hope …” Fold the list of things into three parts and burn it in an old container together with some plants for cleansing energy. You can use copal, sage, rue, or lavender. Dump the ashes into a natural environment such as a river, garden, or forest. Then,  fold the paper with your wishes for next year in three parts and bury it in a pot. Place a plate on top with flowers or fruit as a symbol of your new intentions “blooming.”

Grapes of good fortune

Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular rituals for New Year’s Eve. Eat one grape for each of the 12 midnight bells and the 12 months of the year. These grapes help us receive the new year with the best of intentions. It is said that this tradition dates back to the year 1090, which was allegedly a spectacular year for the grape harvest. Since there were so many grapes, people decided to celebrate the beginning of the new year with them, hoping that next year would be just as good as the previous one. So don’t forget to include grapes in your celebrations for the new year.

Energy baths

In order to leave behind all the bad and attract good energy for 2022, try a bathing ritual to clean and renew your energy. To expel negativity, take a bath with rue, garlic, sage, eucalyptus, myrrh, juniper, and parietaria. Boil the 7 plants in 3 liters of water. Let the water stand until it is a comfortable temperature, and then strain our the leaves and branches. In the morning, after your normal shower or bath, rinse from the neck down with this infusion and wait for it to dry while you express your positive desires for the new year. Another very effective bath for attracting wellness into your life is with sweet herbs: mint, spearmint, chamomile, basil, cinnamon, jasmine, and lavender. Take this bath at night, and you will be ready to receive the new year with good energy.


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  1. Lo mejor es empezar sin deudas y ciclos inconclusos
    Los Ancestros dicen que lo que se siembra se cosecha…
    Que tus buenos deseos se vean triplicados!
    Vives y has vivido en mi corazón
    Darys (bendiciones) Tolzteka

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