French Water, the new short film from Saint Laurent directed by Jim Jarmusch, transports us to the surrealist world conceived by Anthony Vaccarello.

A surreal world covered in a mauve cloak. A dinner table from which all of the food has been eaten, the champagne has been drunk, and the guests have gone home. The party is over, but there is one person still there: a waiter carrying a tray with water…French water to be exact.

This is the first scene of Saint Laurent’s new short film French Water from American director Jim Jarmusch. The film is done in Jarmusch’s typical style, in which the line between the past, present, and future disappears, and time becomes a superfluous concept. French Water tells a winding story, one in which the viewers believe they’ve arrived too late.

french water

This court métrage features some of the most famous actresses from the big screen like Charlotte Gainsbourg, Indya Moore, Julianne Moore, and Chloë Sevigny, in addition to rising star Leo Reilly.

In purple lighting that creates a dreamlike feel, the characters wander through an empty building. The lone waiter watches as Julianne, Indya, and Chloë unsuccessfully try to find one another. Gainsbourg, who plays the role of a lost soul, appears and disappears unpredictably throughout the building: drinking, eating, playing chess, and reciting Edgar Allan Poe.

french water

Gainsbourg reads “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night,” which makes me think that French Water may be a dream or a kind of limbo in which its protagonists are stuck. The only way out is to drink some of the water that Reilly is offering. And, when the three women do drink the water, they are finally able to find one another and escape; that is, they wake up.

All of the elements come together in a perfect fantasy. The music, lighting, storytelling, and art direction create the illusion of a world that exists in an alternate universe. It is one in which I would love to live. Who wouldn’t want to have the power to change their look in the blink of an eye? The best part is that all of the looks are from Saint Laurent’s Summer ’21 collection.

This is definitely a video that allows viewers to let their imaginations run wild. We could spend hours talking about ‘the why’ and what each element means or represents in French Water by Anthony Vaccarello.

This is not Vaccarello’s first short; three months ago, he gave us the thriller Summer of ’21. Hollywood glamour has always been a part of the brand’s DNA, as Yves designed costumes for great films like Belle de Jour, La Chamade, and La Sirène du Mississipi, all starring his muse Catherine Deneuve. So, it’s not surprising that this French brand is collaborating with great directors in the film industry.

I would love to be able to close my eyes and get transported to that purple cosmos, the mesmerizing background music interrupted only by the clicking of my heels against the pavement. Meanwhile, my looks would jump from a black vinyl trench to a leather coat with feathers and so on. Then, when ready to wake up, I’d just drink some of that French water. I can’t think of a more perfect dream.



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