Colors are a great tool to convey what we feel: combined with the right cuts or sizes in the garments, they express more than a thousand words. Let me recommend some pieces to add to your closet.

Who doesn’t like vibrant colors?

I understand, if, for example, your thing is a somber aesthetic, like Yohji Yamamoto’s, or a safer bet, like Thom Browne, from whom we always know what to expect. Both designers have well-defined color palettes that, season after season, vary very little (and with which they continue to conquer the runways, btw). This approach to fashion is super valid, but, sometimes (okay, almost always, in my case) we may feel like being an explosion of color, to show, through our clothes, all that rainbow energy we carry inside, and in the process transmit a specific emotion. Are you euphoric? Do you feel like singing? Like jumping? Tell it with your outfit!

So today, for my shopping cart, I want to recommend pieces that will help us enhance our outfits and give them an intense tonal glow: whether we want to become true pop art pieces, or we feel like testing trends like color block, which invites us to explore the possibilities of the chromatic circle, there is something for everyone.

We start with accessories, and these earrings by Lele Sadoughi say, completely, “I love colors and playing with them”. If you’re a fan of stained glass and would like to wear one wherever you go (in the best sense of the word) I recommend pairing them with this turtleneck top from Siedrés for a psychedelic and artsy look worthy of a gallery.

If metallic tones are your thing, try these Jimmy Choo high boots in gold; they’re ideal for partying and to wear with this pink sequin and sheer dress from Victoria Beckham. You’ll look super glam and you’re sure to turn heads. Also, in the footwear department, you can go for these silver Saint Laurent sneakers with 95mm heel, which you could style with a pair of gray Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini trousers. “So where’s the color left?”, you might ask. In this green Alexander McQueen sweater that you can wear with those two pieces.

Is blue your favorite color? Your new shoe obsession might be these sock-style booties from JW Anderson, which paired with this Mugler denim corset make the perfect sky blue pop (to which you can add these Amina Muaddi pumps, in case you feel like you’re lacking sparkle). If you prefer fuchsia pink, you can wear this asymmetrical pencil skirt from The Attico, or if you want purple, this Off-White bag can be tour next BFF(I love its clip detail; it’s a great conversation piece), because fun or cheerful colors don’t have to be, specifically, in what you wear, but also in what you carry.

If you’re up for trying out all the colorful possibilities you can add to your look, I’ve got plenty more options for you to explore below!

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