You, me, we’ve all seen the runways and thought to ourselves, “A fur sweater in a summer collection?”, and yes, it’s becoming more and more common to see pieces made of materials associated with colder climates in warm season shows. How about giving them a try?

Velvet: wherever we see it, it’s usually a texture we have (you won’t let me lie) strongly associated with winter, maybe even closely linked to Christmas. I’m sure that among your photos of the season or among your memories, you will find the image of a family member wearing boots, a jacket or a dress made of this material. It’s inevitable, and it’s also quite charming.

Lately, velvet has been appearing more and more in Spring/Summer collections (or, simply, in the season’s street style), making its way, in the form of structured dresses or slingback pumps, among another of the designers’ favorite fetishes: sparkles, which, luckily, are ideal for any occasion. Seriously, try it. From small shiny stones embroidered on fitted cocktail dresses and beaded fabric skirts, to crochet mini dresses with hand-stitched crystals and crystallized effect pumps in pink (which is gaining unusual strength lately), the glamour of glitter comes with all the strength needed to conquer party looks, gala outfits, casual fits or wherever you prefer to wear them. Combined with some velvet elements, they’ll be a triumph!

Wool, fur, knitwear and sheepskin are also among those materials and techniques that we have relegated to winter, but are perfect to wear in any season, especially if they come in the form of pieces such as mini dresses, or as plush accessories, those that we don’t want to let go because of its softness. The option can also be a shearling jacket combined with a minimalist skirt (to combat the heat). This way, you’ll be adding a touch of texture to your outfit that will make you look amazing.

Bangs, ruffles and feathers are ideal to add a sense of lightness and movement to any outfit, that’s why they are also among my favorite elements to draw attention and let your style speak for you. For example, what do you think of the combination of purple velvet boots (tall, of course), a crochet skirt with bangs and a long-sleeved shirt with bare shoulders? Well, it’s possible, and that’s why I’ve put together a whole selection of garments that will allow you to wear winter classics in summer with conviction and comfort.

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