Winter is getting closer and it’s always good to have a coat on hand. Let me recommend some of them and the best clothes to complement them.

Winter is coming! And more than quoting the Starks (yes, I’m an avowed fan of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon), I’m talking about a pretty obvious fact. In a short time, winter will be with us and one of the indispensable garments for this season, that must be in every person’s closet, is a good coat. A piece that not only keeps us warm, but also makes us look amazing.

I consider that three is the ideal (and basic) amount of coats we should have, one for everyday, one that stands out and one for special occasions. For example, a piece that fascinates me is this striped coat from Jacquemus; it’s elegant, but, at the same time, it isn’t the basic black garment that we all have. I also recommend trying curvy silhouettes, like this one from Alexander Wang in camel. I love the wide sleeves and hourglass waist.

Now, if you want to turn the typical dark garment upside down, and jump on the faux fur trend, you can try this coat with blue details by Marine Serre; the clash between leather and fur adds a unique and very playful play of textures, which is still within the line of chic and distinguished. Ah, but, if we’re talking about garments that look super luxe and very fancy, among my favorites is this Paco Rabanne coat that reminds me of military dress uniforms. There is nothing classier.

Following along the line of the twist on the classic black piece, Jil Sander has this amazing dark coat that is slightly reminiscent of pilgrim garments.

And, while it’s not a coat as such, I’d also recommend having a blazer or two for when the cold isn’t as much of a problem, but you do need to cover up a bit more than you do in the fall. I really like this wool one from Sacai, particularly for the attractive silhouette it creates from the waist. This Versace cut-out jacket fascinates me for its sobriety, and I consider it a perfect design to wear to the office.

Taking advantage of the fact that we deviated a little from the theme of coats, I also recommend you to have in your closet a turtleneck sweater: Oscar de la Renta has this one in mint green with crystals and pearls details that surely enhances any look for its striking design.

As always, here are many more options to put together a perfect winter outfit, and ideal pieces to complement your favorite coats: from tights to glasses and shoes!

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