50 years ago, the world experienced a fashion heyday: the disco era. Glamour, beauty and lots of dancing, how about reliving those years with our clothes?

The 70s aesthetic is super iconic. In the middle of this decade, the world saw the rise of disco music, a genre that took elements from funk and soul, psychedelic music, rhythm & blues and Latin rhythms (among others; I really did my homework); along with this era, a style also emerged, one that saw its heyday within the walls of the famous Studio 54, a place where Grace Jones, Bianca Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minnelli and Diane von Furstenberg wore some of their best outfits.

And to pay tribute to the 70s and the disco era, I wanted, on this occasion, to compile some outfits that would look very, very good at a time when crystal spheres were on every corner.

The basic: sparkles. We can’t talk about disco nights without talking about sparkle, and, to shine on the dance floor, Area has this tweed cropped jacket with structured shoulders and crystals, or this metallic corset top, also adorned with crystals. Self-Portrait, on the other hand, has this long mesh dress with sequins that will look great if you go out at night with your friends.

Accessories should also shine: for example, these brass and glass earrings by Magda Butrym; or, if you want a much more striking color, Valentino created the Brightrain Rockstud earrings in pink. Ah! And if you want to combine your earrings with your shoes, Magda Butrym made the perfect boots to wear with its corresponding earrings, a set that you can finish off with this choker.

Continuing with the bold colors (something you can’t miss at the disco), what do you think of these Versace earrings in green? Or this crepe blazer by Alex Perry?

Shapes should also be daring: following with blazers, Jacquemus has this beautiful asymmetrical piece in wool and elastane. Something more eye-catching? What do you think of this Zimmermann mini dress in gold and black, this flower-shaped Area top in bright pink that is sure to attract a few glances; or how about this David Koma dress in chartreuse green with ruffles that I’m obsessed with.

And the classic of classics of the season! The flared pants were not going to be forgotten: A.W.A.K.E. Mode has this pair with overlapping skirt, the key piece in every seventies outfit.

As always, here’s a list of many other great items for you to put together the perfect look for a disco night.

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