New Year’s is the ideal celebration to unleash all that glam we carry inside. I’ve curated, especially for you, a list of pieces that will make you stand out wherever you celebrate!

Getting ahead of the facts is not something I do constantly or commonly, but when it comes to outfits, it’s never too early to start planning (seriously). Although Christmas, properly speaking, has not yet arrived, it’s not long before New Year, a date in which glamour is your BBF: if the Christmas looks are cozy, the new year ones shine thanks to their sensuality and their proposal, and a little bit also for the ostentation they allow. Who doesn’t want to receive the year being the center of attention?

This time, for my Shopping Cart, I wanted to make a compilation of special pieces to receive 2023 with all the glitz and glam, sparkling, whether on the dance floor, in the very heart of Manhattan, on the beach or, why not, at home, at a party with your family and friends. With pieces from brands like Amina Muaddi, the always reliable Valentino, De La Valli or Isabel Marant (among many others), you’re sure to be a sensation.

Sira, your personal stylist: My ideal outfit to let out all that sparkle and magic we carry inside, would be a combination of this skirt with bangs and crystals by Oscar de la Renta matched with a nude bra under this huge and beautiful faux fur coat by Janice; in the shoe department, I’m obsessed with these leather Romy boots and as a final touch, these cat-eye glasses by Saint Laurent. What’s your winning combo?

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