Don’t think twice: if you find a neutral piece you like, add it to your closet. It will be your new best friend.

No wardrobe is complete without a good repertoire of neutral colors. I’m talking about shades like black, white, gray, camel or brown. Colors that are easy to combine with each other and with much more striking shades. Sometimes, neutral pieces can be real lifesavers when putting together outfits, casual or formal. Who has not benefited from the versatility of a black biker jacket? I trust mine with my life.

Today, in my shopping cart, it’s time to pay tribute to these garments, and recommend you some of my favorites, so you can add them to your collection and never miss the opportunity to look amazing being prepared for every occasion.

Let’s start with the aforementioned black jacket, a basic for anyone, fashion fanatic or not. If you like pronounced shoulders, you’ll love this Rick Owens silhouette in calfskin that, for a casual look, you can style with this long sleeve graphic print bodysuit from Y/Project. If you love bodysuits and want to get in on the translucent trend, Saint Laurent has this semi-transparent piece in black that’s incredibly easy to pair with other textures and colors.

To show off those basic garments, there’s nothing like transparencies, while we’re on the subject —how about black mesh pants with crystal detailing, like these from Rotate? And while we’re on the subject of pants, The Attico brings us the wide silhouette in gray, with stripes, which look great with this Retrofete bralette with appliqués. But, of course, as we’re heading into winter, you might want something warmer, but just as easy to pair: Jean Paul Gaultier has the answer with this sheepskin corset.

Neutral footwear is also super important. Among my top choices are these white ankle boots from Blumarine, ideal for creating a holiday outfit; or, if you’re looking for something more glamorous, The Attico presents its iconic Adele in iridescent metallic leather. On the black side, I love this pair of Magda Butrym’s heeled pumps with shiny embellishments.

Are you left wanting more? Take a look at all the pieces below, so you can start filling your closet with neutral colors.

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