Since I told you about my beauty looks in my previous post, I couldn’t leave out a recap of my favorite hairstyles of this season. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the truth is that talking about hair is something that I really love. I’m always looking for different hairstyle ideas and accessories to use. And because a change is always good, I started fashion week with a new haircut with bangs.

I have so many favorite hairstyles that I prefer to start from the beginning, so I don’t miss talking about the high ponytail that I so proudly wore for the Vogue X Japan 20th anniversary party in Milan. Since my dress had so much movement already, I wanted to create a very clean hairstyle, but with a super cute detail such as a satin ribbon wrapped in my ponytail. By using my hair that way, I was also able to show off my snake earrings.

I just loved my look for Ferragamo! A low ponytail hidden in a silk scarf that didn’t show anything else but my bangs, and as a very nice detail I put a maxi necklace of golden pearls on top.

I preferred to hide my bangs for the Dior runway after a week of wearing it. I made a ponytail down to my waist, divided it into three parts with black ribbons, and then finished into a bun. As a final touch, I wore a Dior tulle headband that covered half of my face.

Headbands are my favorite hair accessory. I confess that I like collecting them because there are endless designs made from different materials, colors, and sizes. For many of my looks, I wore my hair loose and wavy or at times straight and with my bangs. I simply added a headband to give it that special touch to each of my looks. My favorite headbands are from Prada and Dior.

And finally, another of my favorite hairstyles was a bun wrapped with a red Versace scarf that fell into the back. I love experimenting with scarves and accessories to create new ideas.

Last but not least, a hairstyle that seems like I just got out of the shower, but with all the intention that it looks wet the rest of the day. There are actually many ways to style wet-look hair. I did the side part style, creating volume on the top. This gives glam and sophistication.