I love the pan de muerto. I could eat it all year, don’t you? And as I look for the best french fries every time I travel, during this spooky time I like to try pan de muerto in different places and discover its new flavors and presentations. That’s why I put to work and researched the best places in Mexico City to enjoy this tradition of my country.

Comal de Piedra

This restaurant descends from a Canadian tradition and is led in Mexico by Othón Gayosso. It is located in the Roma neighborhood, in Colima 65, and the space is the perfect combination of contemporary and rustic. In this season, Comal de Piedra offers a delicious, super spongy bread with a very rich concentration of the orange flavor that all good pan de muerto should have.


In charge of Elena Reygadas, Rosetta is a restaurant with a bakery that presents different options of pan de muerto, from the traditional with sugar, to a version sprinkled with totomoxtle ashes (the dried leaf that surrounds the corn). Rosetta is a space full of traditional elegance, perfect to enjoy your pan de muerto with a cup of hot chocolate (and if you really want to try it, you can set it aside by phone).

Rosetta is also located in Colonia Roma, in Colima 166. (Why not try the dead bread of Comal de Piedra and then stop by Rosetta?).


With different branches such as Polanco, Lomas, Altavista, Satélite, Condesa… the strong point of the Maque cafeteria is the traditional bread, so the pan de muerto with orange flavor is the best option for this days. And if you’re already there, you can try all different breads they have. How about this November? Think about it: a cold morning, a cup of coffee and its very well-known conchas. I think about it and I want it now!

La Otilla

If you are looking for a super healthy option, without gluten, without sugar and without additives, La Otilla is the best option to enjoy a pan de muerto with orange and cardamom flavor. With flour made from chickpea, tapioca, rice and corn, there are vegan and traditional dairy-free options.

In addition to being able to visit their different branches in Mercado Roma, Lomas or Bosques, you can also find their family size pan de muerto in Palacio de Hierro.

Café Ruta de la Seda

A classic from Coyoacán, Café Ruta de la Seda offers many, many delicious versions of pan de muerto, all perfect to combine with its coffees and chocolates. There is matcha pan de muerto, or the traditional one of Oaxaca: the yolk bread scented with green anise, or the pan de muerto scented with pure orange blossom water and orange zest, with 80% certified organic ingredients.

Flora Caffè

The establishment at Av. José Barrios Sierra 540, has a wonderful pink decoration, which extends to its pan de muerto with chocolate bunny, belonging to the designers González Helfon, who extend their good taste to the bakery.