Some days ago, I had a Live in my IG with Natalia Cordova, an amazing actress that many of you remember as Elena Yo-Yo from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. who started her career as a ballet dancer. We started talking about feminism and the role that we as women have been playing in society, that are not exactly the most healthy ones and that really left me thinking of all the things I could change in my relationships with other women. It was a great live (and you can go see it here) and it was one that left me thinking what Sisterhood really is and how I can change certain things in order to contribute to it.

The women we embrace as our “sisters” are sometimes closer than our family members; they defend us, wipe away our tears, watch our kids, push us, pull us and support us. However true sisterhood can’t be forced, it develops over time and can be sometimes complicated. However not every woman will be our best friend, but every woman is deserving of our respect and support if only in the form of a smile.

And this issue was exactly the one I want to go a little bit deeper here with you. I ended that Live wanting to foster that sisterhood between women, so I started to do some research and found this ideas of how to, that I consider very practical and right to the point:

  • Be kind. I guess sometimes kindness is undervalued because of its simplicity, we don’t need to be harsh to make a point, if something is bothering you and you have to say this to another woman, you can always choose to be kind in doing so, and if you can’t be kind, at least do no harm.
  • Be patient. We all need support and encouragement, so it’s only logical to think that the women in your life need those things too and I guess the key here is to treat them as we want to be treated, not as we were treated by some other women that were unkind to us in similar circumstances.
  • Be happy. It sounds simple I know, but it might be a little more difficult of how it sounds: be happy for the success of other women. Why is it harder than it seems sometimes? Because as women, we have been thought to compete against other women. So in order to break away from that pattern, be happy for other women! Celebrate their successes!
  • Be genuine. And that means saying exactly what you think, if you liked something another woman did, go and tell her! Likewise if for example you don’t like something they’re wearing, don’t go out of your way to tell her she looks nice when you don’t really think it.
  • Be accountable. Refrain from pointing fingers when you have done the exact same thing you are judging. Acknowledge your behavior, learn from it and change it. Leave the drama behind, forgive yourself and learn to make a new path. And be gracious with those women who are starting the path of accountability when they own up their mistakes.

For those of us that have daughters, I think these are very valuable lessons to stop that mentality of women bringing down other women knowing perfectly well how hard it is to be a woman in our society. The truth is, we need each other, and as women, we have to be each other’s support system, not each other’s destruction. Lets learn how to support and back each other, lets learn how to support other women in our workplace, lets give our children the tools to build great friendships and healthy relationships with other women.

What do you think? Is there something other ideas you may have to build up this sisterhood among women? Let me know!



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