A healthy skin will always be your best friend. It makes you look fresh, happy and regardless of your age, it helps you to look beautiful. On my A healthy skin will always be your best friend, as that is what makes you look fresh and that’s maybe why on my Instagram, I’m always sharing skincare tips, from the easiest routines, that don`t need any products in addition to those that you may have at home; to those that involve several steps, and several product. Today, I want to share a routine that I’m about to start, recommended by the dermatologist Amy Wechsler, who is Chanel’s skincare expert consultant. So let`s start!

The first step is to remove all your makeup. We need to get rid of all the makeup that could block our pores, in order to let other products get through the skin and get the most out of them. I’ll be using L’Eau Micellaire by Chanel, that’s ideal for all skin types.

Then, it’s time to start cleaning pores through a deep cleaning. For this step, the recommendation is La Mousse, that will help you get rid of impurities and other contaminating particles like sweat. If you’re performing this ritual at night, after this step you could use Le Lift, also by Chanel. This product will help you decrease signs of tiredness.

Next step: Lotion. Why are we using this? Well, lotion  helps revitalizing, illuminating and restoring out skin. And nothing better than Le Blanc Essence Lotion to help us with all this. 

We can`t forget the eyes. For this, I`ll be using Le Lift Concentré Yeux. This way we can show off a radiant look! And that’s because this product will deflate the eye contour with its natural origin components. If you can’t wait for the effects to be shown, you can always use Le Lift Flash Eye Revitalizer. It takes a two step process: first, the roll-on will help spread the vitamin serum and the eye patches will help you revitalize the area. This is one of those products that you must have always on your bag!

Then, it will be time to apply a Serum. Le Lift Sérum is my choice, because Then, it’s time to apply aserum. Le Lift Sérum is my choice, because it’s 93% composed of elements of natural origin. It will smooth and prevent oxidation of skin cells. 

We`re almost finished! We have to hydrate the skin, and Chanel offers many options, but because I want a bigger concentration of natural assets I’ll use Sublimage L’Extrait to regenerate, repair and protect. And becauseas youknow, it’s important to protect your skin, it`s always recommended to use sunscreen.

UV Essentiel SPF 50 by Chanel is my choice here. It’ll protect your skin not only against UV rays, but also UVA and UVB, oxidative stress and will keep your skin be hydrated. 

An extra tip: if you want to refresh your skin during the day, use mist. And Hydra Beauty is an excellent option to feel fresh all the time! It will not only energize your skin, but also will be accompanied by a fruity scent!