A glamourous hall is the scenario that Sportmax picked to present their Fall Winter 2021 collection. Powerful looks walked down the runway with a glare of sensuality and femininity. I have a feeling that something wicca comes this way.

Today Sportmax presented “Remember All Tomorrow’s Parties” their digital runway for Fall 2021, a glimpse into the roaring 20’s. Just like 100 years ago we are experiencing a bitter aftertaste of last year’s gloomy days and lockdowns, many of which still continue today, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and Sportmax has translated this story into a beautiful collection.

The mood at the party… magic. I couldn’t shake the word coven the whole time, the music, the atmosphere, the lightning, all reminded me of powerful women that embrace their inner strength and are unapologetic. Some of the looks would have been perfect for Tati Gabrielle as Prudence in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the Halliwell sisters from the 90’s cult series Charmed would have rocked the military green combo of knitwear top and high waisted pants, or even the music was giving me strong vibes of AHS: The Coven intro.

Sportmax has described their collection as an ode to womanhood, to the empowered, free and authentic women. I couldn’t have said it better, the women walking down the runway were powerful and free, they were feminine but not fragile, they were reclaiming their sexuality and proclaiming to the world they weren’t afraid.

Power suits, silk slip dresses, embroidery details, wool fitted coats worn with leather knee high boots, strappy sandals or combat boots. This is what Sportmax presented today, in what I called “New Femininity”. I can visualize a business woman doing a hostile takeover while wearing the perfectly tailored eggshell suit with a white turtleneck and just a pop of red with their futuristic shades.

The Italian label has cast a powerful spell on all of us. Each look transcends trends and stereotypes giving us a new kind of look full of potential and strength. A celebration to woman and celebration itself, just as shown in the video with the final scene of the models dancing. It is time to say, “We are woman, hear us roar”.

As for myself, I am bewitched! I just want to put on that fiery red oversize coat over the blood orange jersey skirt and dance until the moonlight.



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