A beautiful symphony composed of luxurious textiles, delicate embroidery, and precious stones. The Christian Dior Spring 2022 Couture collection is the epitome of modern elegance.

One of the hardest things to accomplish is making something complicated look simple and easy. In the Christian Dior Spring 2022 Couture collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri achieves just that. At first glance, the collection is a beautiful procession of neutral-toned garments that look simple, but behind each of these outfits there’s a story about the mastery and art of Haute Couture.

Haute Couture is a way of creating bespoke clothing entirely by hand. It is one of the most protected art forms and has been passed down from generation to generation, making it a true testament to the expertise of clothing-making in times past. Over the centuries, Haute Couture has evolved and adapted to meet the styles and technology of the world it inhabits, transforming into what we see on the catwalks today. When we hear “Haute Couture,” our minds travel to avant-garde pieces whose functionality takes a backseat to design and creativity. But it wasn’t always like that; Haute Couture doesn’t just mean avant-garde. In the 20th century all clothes were Haute Couture (that is, handmade) so a Couture catwalk shouldn’t just be a parade of fanciful garments but also of everyday looks.

That is what we see in this Christian Dior collection. In the Spring 2022 Couture show, Maria Grazia Chiuri gave us a symphony of dresses, jackets, skirts, pants, capes, coats, and shoes. If we look quickly, they merge into a wash of ​​neutral tones. But, when you look closer, you’ll find extreme beauty thanks to the meticulous preparation of each of the garments. Christian Dior’s Spring 2022 Couture collection confirms that beauty lies in simplicity, that anyone can attract attention with striking colors, asymmetrical silhouettes, and exorbitant volumes. And, what we also see in this show is that simplicity lies in the perfection of details and the magnificence of the sewing techniques that go into each of the garments.

Each of the outfits we saw on the catwalk was spectacular—beaded tulle dresses, cashmere coats, rhinestones jackets, and embroidered crystals or pleated skirts. Just like the ocean, this show was hiding gems in its depths. It’s the details that count. In the embroidery, we can find the incredible handiwork of the brands ateliers. In the materials, we can see the quality and opulence that Dior is known for. In the movement of the garments, we can appreciate the intelligence of the design. In the beauty of each look, we can experience the creativity of the collection.

For me it was a magical moment. Each outfit took my breath away. The daisy white embroidered coat, beaded tights, and cloud gray leather ballerinas encrusted with pearls and crystals? The epitome of perfection–an ideal look in which innocence gives way to elegance. In the same universe, we saw a blouse with beading on the cuffs and neck – creating a kind of faux joaillerie – with a matching skirt in ivory, resulting in a timeless look with an air of opulence and elegance. Yes, each of the looks that Maria Grazia Chiuri created for Christian Dior’s Spring 2022 Couture collection was divine. I fell in love with each of the 64 outfits that made up the collection.

Christian Dior was a couturier who dedicated himself to extolling the beauty of women. For him, garments were meant to complement to whoever wears them. Christian Dior’s Spring 2022 Couture collection achieved that goal. The garments were beautiful pieces that manage to enhance the natural beauty of the women who wears them. These pieces aren’t fighting for attention, rather complementing a woman’s natural features. Maria Grazia Chiuri has dedicated herself to creating collections for today’s woman, in which the clothing make women shine like diamonds. 



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