An adventure to an unknown destination on the high seas. The garments stun in pearls and gems. Zuhair Murad’s Spring 2022 Couture collection invites us to set sail.

What can we say about Zuhair Murad? The Lebanese designer is one of the masters of the art of Haute Couture. Each of his creations is made with the highest level of precision, no detail is too small and each material is exquisite. He has shown the world that he is an expert couturier who understands the importance and beauty behind each garment. For Zuhair Murad a dress is more than just a piece of cloth; it is a story, a garment that complements the incredible woman who wears it. He’s not just an expert craftsperson; he’s a man who sees the beauty in the world. He has shown us that even in the darkest of times and places, the light will shine, and that we must keep the faith.

For his new Spring 2022 Couture season collection, the designer decided to embark on a journey to the depths of the sea, where he discovered magical creatures covered in precious gems and textiles. The catwalk – a Cartesian plane – set the tone for the entire collection from the moment you entered the magnificent gilder hall where the show took place. It was time to discover the treasures that Zuhair Murad brought up from the depths and onto dry land: impressive tailored jackets covered in dazzling crystals and gems, flowing maxi dresses in sumptuous fabrics, and handmade skirts with enigmatic embroidery. Each of the creations made by the designer and the expert craftspeople of his atelier were true works of art.

This season, the models were transformed into pirates and beautiful sea creatures. Zuhair Murad’s Spring 2022 Couture collection was full of nautical inspiration, but not from a conventional point of view. Here, the classic lines and blue color palette gave way to a darker world: deep blues and black tones intermingles with silver and gold. Then, we reached the soft pink and sandy brown proverbial shore. There were three-cornered hats and turbans that complemented tulle garments, long silk chiffon dresses, and crepe jumpsuits. Each one of the looks that appeared on the catwalk took our breath away us and conveyed the greatness of the sea–an 18th century fantasy.

I was completely under Zuhair Murad’s spell. He won me over with the sparkling jewels embroidered onto the garments. I loved the bodysuit covered in pearls, jewels, and stones—as if the model was a living treasure chest. The details in each outfit in this Spring 2022 Couture collection were striking. The black knit dress evoked the ropes of pirate ships and a striking lilac satin dress with silver rope details brought to mind the dazzling colors of the horizon. The show was a beautiful evolution, from the first outfits, which were full of irreverence and wildness of to beautiful vaporous evening dresses with brocades and embroidery that brought to mind rusted metals on the ocean floor.

Zuhair Murad reminded us that in the depths of the darkest times, we can still find the most exotic and luxurious treasures. He invited us to embark on an adventure, to continue on this path that is life. If we’re going to step into the unknown, the best armor is a gorgeous gem-studded garment from his Spring 2022 Couture collection.



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