New York Fashion Week has begun. The first day’s Spring ’22 collections gave us glamor and energy. New York Fashion Week is back and stronger than ever!

Wow. I hadn’t realized how much I missed Fashion Week and all that adrenaline rushing through you as run from one show to another. The first stop is always New York Fashion Week, and I love it because it combines everything that a fashion week represents in one of the most chaotic cities in the world. But, from all that chaos comes incomparable beauty.

The first day of New York Fashion Week went above and beyond our expectations. At the start of the week, New York Designer, Ulla Johnson, presented her collection at the New York Botanical Garden, the first show to ever be held at this location. The dresses were an extension of the beautiful and impressive flora that surrounded the guests. Designer Peter Dundas presented his collection for the American brand Revolve, and the garments conveyed all the sensuality and glamor inherent to the brand’s DNA. We also saw Peter Do’s runway debut. Even though the brand has become a favorite over the last two years, they decided to wait to present until NYFW, and the wait was worth it. The Greenpoint, Brooklyn setting–with the Manhattan skyline in the background—was perfect for the elegant garments.

Out of all the runways that took place on the first day of NYFW, there were two that caught my attention and with which I simply fell in love. The garments were a testament to the designers’ expertise and a perfect definition of what New York Fashion Week stands for: timeless style and modern elegance.

Proenza Schouler

This brand, founded in 2002, quickly became a favorite of fashionistas, conquered the critics, and positioned itself as the standard for the new generations of “It girls.” The dynamic duo behind Proenza Schouler, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, manage to strike a perfect balance of their roots in each of their designs (Tokyo and Miami respectively). The aesthetic is a mix of minimalism, Japanese functionality and the vibrant colors and prints that remind us of the Latin vibe of Miami.

For their Spring 22 show, the wunderkindz chose New York’s new paradise: Little Island. The Amph–the amphitheater found within this floating park on the banks of the Hudson River—was transformed into a runway. The scenery was perfect, and there was a magical moment when the sun was coming down on the horizon, staining the entire amphitheater in orange and reddish tones. One of the highlights of the runway was the moment when Gigi Hadid came out dressed in an artsy print dress in blue and yellow colors over black pants, combined with a black bib and a pair of white peep-toe sandals.

For Spring 22, Lazaro and Jack gave us minimalist, avant-garde clothes. Classic pieces were recreated and modernized. For example, there was a raincoat in an oversized silhouette for greater fluidity for walking. Woven dresses were decked out with fringe details that elevated the pieces to a new level. Draped garments, dresses with cutouts, pleated skirts, and abstract prints that resembled aquatic flowers came down the runway as epic music created a unique, surreal atmosphere. The collection was infused with a palette of colors that seemed to come out of the sunset itself. The runway was a fantasy on the water.

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung is another prodigy hailing from the prestigious Parsons School of Design. His eponymous label is a reflection of himself, combining the aesthetics of two worlds. Prabal Gurung was born in Singapore and later decided to make his home in NYC. His brand is characterized bu feminine designs that enhance women’s silhouettes. Beyond just making women look beautiful, his goal is to wrap women in clothes that make them feel safe, powerful, and authentic.

His Spring ‘22 collection is a celebration of the brand’s DNA. Entitled “American Girl,” the collection was born from arduous introspection on the question: what does it mean to be a woman? What is femininity? What does it mean to be American? All of these elements functioned as a starting point for the designer when creating his designs for the next season. The result was an explosion of optimism and celebration of life, in which each look was a tribute to femininity through silhouettes that accentuated women’s natural figures. The vibrant color palette reminded us of the lights NYC, the designers hometown. 

It’s important to mention the inclusivity of this runway. We saw the elegant Precious Lee in pink bubble gum dress, Mexicans Magdaleno Delgado and Marsella Rea, the Nepalese singer Varsha Thapa, and African-American model Saibatou Toure.

The show was full of hand-ripped organza dresses that created the illusion of feathers, neon orange peplum jackets that infused an otherwise masculine piece with some femininity, and draped dresses with floral prints. The beautiful clothing stood out against the dark New York night sky to a background of piano music played by Chloe Flower. It was the perfect show to close out the first day of New York Fashion Week.



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