Today Stella MacCartney presented her Ready-to Wear collection along with her “A-to-Z Manifesto” where she talks about sustainability, making clear the ideas she’s passionate about and that are the foundation for her brand, like C for Consciouss, K for Kind and Z for Zero waste, among others. These ideas were brought to life by 26 global artists who chose a letter and created something to embody Stella’s vision, and are being published on her Instagram. If you want to see Stella’s explanation of what she’s doing with this manifest, here’s the link where you can go see it:

And then, there is her collection’s show that is undeniably tied to her manifesto and her goal to do right by the planet. It was shot in Houghton Hall’s gardens, in Norfolk, and it was an amazing vision filmed by Mert Alas  and Marcus Piggot. The 65% of her fabrics were made of sustainable materials, 75% was organic cotton, she used lace trims from past seasons in her dresses, the leather we saw is vegan (made of plastic) and even her glasses’ frames were organic. So, she didn’t just talked the talk.

And you know what? Her collection was absolutely gorgeous, with a very clean palette we saw very short miniskirts, very form-fitting suits, lingerie inspired dresses, laces and more laces. Silhouettes inspired by corset-like lines that in Stella’s vision became soft and comfortable garments that look inherently feminine.

This pandemic and its subsequent quarantine definitely has changed the brand’s vision as we’ve seen in all these shows, however I must say that Stella McCartney’s vision about sustainability and her example of how things can be done without having to compromise or sacrifice beauty, comfort, elegance and originality, is a great example that not only brands in high fashion could pay attention to, but also all of us in our everyday lives, I guess is just time to realize that sustainability goes beyond just a trend.

Here are my favorite pieces of this collection, and I’d really love for you to check Stella’s McCartney’s proposal and form an opinion for yourselves. Let me know what you think about this.



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