Last week I presented​ Style and Power (Estilo y Poder), Lucy Lara’s fourth book, on a wonderful night where we had the opportunity to talk about my favorite topic: fashion.

Style and Power is a book with a fluent language, easy to understand and that leaves no one out: you don’t need to be a fashion expert to enjoy it (moreover, this could be your first approach to this wonderful world).

While reading it, it seems that you’re talking to a friend, thanks to the very pleasant way in which Lucy tells not only the anecdotes, but also all the concepts that perhaps, in someone else’s words, could have felt complex and heavy.

Lucy manages to introduce the reader, quite naturally, in a visually attractive text. When you less expect it, you realize you’ve learned a lot of new terms and her words have made you want to run to your wardrobe to dress you with a totally new style.

Style and Power is divided in two parts: The first is a tour through the traditional rules of style, addressing issues such as what type of physiognomy you have and what you should buy so that you look good, and includes a fairly practical guide on how to dress for events . In the second part, Lucy takes all the rules she taught you and encourages you not to follow them, to find your personality through what you wear. It’s a fabulous adventure of 8 chapters that will make you not only learn how to dress, but it’ll also make you love yourself.

This book has become a must in the process. It’s a very practical guide to understand fashion and understand yourself in the process. Lucy has created a text where fashion is presented as an innovative way of expression, an extension of who you are. Lucy shows that style is for everyone.

Style and Poweris an invitation to find who you really are find yourself and love yourself. It’s not only about style, but about how you can and probably would love to live.

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