As I’ve mentioned on many of my posts before, fashion week is a very busy week because I have to attend fashion shows, parties, appointments, and create new content at the same time. That’s why I thought it would be a great idea to share some fun facts about the “behind the scenes” and everything I need to do to get ready when I go to fashion week. 

1. Making outfits. 

I start planning my outfits about a week before Ieaving. I look for some inspiration to give me ideas on what I’m going to wear for each fashion show. This way I only pack the things I know I’m going to use, therefore this certainly saves me a lot of time when I’m getting dressed. 

2. Planning & Timing.

Having a digital organizer with a reminder alert is essential because it helps me to remember each event. It’s very important to always set the schedule in order to attend most of the appointments. I try to confirm only the ones that interest me the most and that I think I can make it. The truth is that there are so many of them that it makes it impossible to get to sometimes.

3. The car is your backstage and the trunk is your dressing room. 

Definitely not everything is pure glamor. When I got stuck between events and traffic, I usually decide to take my outfits in the car so I can change into them while I’m going from one event to another. Most of the time, fashion shows are delayed and everything turns into madness. The truth is that you can rarely arrive to the show on time, so you’re lucky if it’s delayed because on the contrary they close the door on you. 

4. Relaxing beauty advice. 

I love to spoil myself and to take care of my skin. I start to relax by putting on a mask to moisturize and prepare my skin for my makeup looks while I’m on the plane. I always carry many masks with me and put them on before putting on makeup or before bedtime. This really relaxes me a lot. 

5. Avoiding jetlag. 

Jetlag is always your biggest enemy when you travel. I do many things to deal with it in order to feel  well for example, I keep myself active during the day, adjust to the new timezones, exercise in the morning, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and “try” to eat healthy…yes I mean “try” because there are moments when I don’t have time to eat and the fastest option is a drive-thru for a burger or french fries.