This ancient ingredient from Japan is one of the best for our health. Green tea is a fundamental part of a good beauty routine.

Green tea is one of the oldest traditions in Japan. This drink was originally introduced to the country by Buddhist monks during the Nara and Heian Periods. At first, drinking tea was a ritual of the religious groups in the region, but soon, it became popular with the royals and Japanese elite. By the 12th century, drinking tea had become a ritual for everyone, at all levels of society, making it a custom that would be passed down from generation to generation. Now, the tea ceremony is one of the most important moments in Japanese daily life.

Drinking tea is an act that can last a couple of hours. A traditional ceremony begins with a kaiseki-style meal, followed by a rich tea, and ending with a lighter, fresher tea. Normally, the tea ceremony takes place in a tranquil garden. A paper lantern and a basin of water are placed at the entrance of the tea house where visitors must wash their hands before entering. The ceremony is a perfect choreography of hand movements, bows, and gestures that symbolize respect. The truth is that experiencing a traditional Japanese tea ceremony should be on anyone’s bucket list as it is a unique experience that has truly survived the test of time.

But, green tea goes beyond tradition and rituals. It is an ingredient with great beneficial properties for our health. Japanese women have used this ingredient in their beauty routines to give their products a natural boost for years. Green tea is found in lotions, creams, oils, bath salts, and powders. It has many qualities that help us improve the condition of our skin. Here are some of them.

Rich in Antioxidants

Green tea has a high concentration of polyphenols, which makes it a rich in natural antioxidants. By using green tea extract, we help increase our skin’s defenses against free radicals–unstable molecules that can cause cancer, fine lines, and blemishes—found in the environment.


Applying green tea topologically helps our skin retain a greater amount of moisture. It helps us naturally reduce dryness and roughness of the skin. This oil is very lightweight and gets absorbed within minutes of application.

Reduces Redness and Irritation

This ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness of the skin. The best way to get results is by using a cream contains green tea. Its moisturizing qualities help control skin irritation and give it a more natural and healthy appearance.

Fight Acne

Using green tea also helps us stop the appearance of rashes on the skin. Thanks to its high content of antioxidants, specifically EGCG, it reduces, and even prevents, breakouts. Another property of this ingredient is that it’s antibacterial, which helps to clean pores and prevent infections.

Decrease Inflammation

Green tea helps reduce skin swelling. This is because it contains caffeine and tannins which reduce inflammation of the blood vessels by increasing circulation and fluids in the affected areas. We can apply this ingredient using a tea bag or cream that contains it.

Brighten the Skin

Thanks to its antioxidants, green tea not only helps us protect and cleanse our skin, but it also leaves it softer and more naturally radiant. The properties of this anti-inflammatory, moisturizing ingredient help improve the complexion of the skin and make it look healthier, brighter, and fresher.

Fight Aging

Applying products that contain green tea helps us reduce the signs of passage of time. Its antioxidants contribute to the natural production of collagen, thus increasing firmness while reducing age lines and wrinkles. The Vitamin E in green tea helps cellular regeneration, which gives us a younger and healthier look.

These are some of the benefits that green tea can provide, so it’s no surprise that it’s frequently used in anti-aging products, eye creams, skin and hair oils, and moisturizers. This is one of the greatest beauty secrets that Japan has shared with the world. Green tea’s qualities will help you feel better, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and have radiant skin. So, it’s time to make green tea part of your daily life, whether it’s drinking a cup or two a day or incorporating it into your beauty routine.



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  1. Green tea is a very traditional drink that is consumed by people all over the world for its different uses. The introduction about green tea’s origin and history will be helpful as people are unaware of it. Moreover, it’s a part of a beauty routine by using it in a different form that could improve skin condition in many different ways, which is mentioned well in the blog.

    Thank you for sharing this information with us. I would love to read more such articles from you in the future.

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