Lingerie has a unique allure. It’s a piece of clothing meant to remain hidden, but at the same time it’s designed to be seen. Lingerie pieces are so meticulously crafted that they turn out to be works of art. However, they are meant to go under clothing.

Lingerie is usually created with opulent textiles such as satin and silk. The idea is to create a feel of mysticism and magic. Mini-dresses, bodices, babydolls, nightdresses, bustiers, and corsets are covered with lace, delicate embroidery, even lush feathers. The universe of lingerie is captivating and has changed vastly over the decades.

Across history, we can see how lingerie, or undergarments, reflect social change. In the 17th century, there were whale bone corsets. Then, the slip dress came on the scene in the 1920s. Next, there were the pin-up girls of the 1950s and the bra burnings during the women’s liberation movement in the 1960s. Sexuality, femininity, power, seduction, oppression, and freedom are some words we could use to describe lingerie, but the most important thing is that this is a garment that democratizes fashion since every woman wears it under her clothing.

Like any other garment, lingerie styles change from season to season. Trends come and go, looks get revived, and other things go out of style completely. Here is a brief round-up of the hottest lingerie trends for the coming months.


Bodysuits have become one of the most popular pieces of lingerie in recent years. These garments achieve sensuality through cut-outs and transparencies. They are made to be worn in private but are perfect for wearing under a blazer on a night out.

Life is a cabaret 

There is nothing sexier or more suggestive than a corset that helps us mold our figure into a fantasy. Gone are the days of uncomfortable corsets. Today, they are the perfect garments for bringing out your most sensual side and inner femme fatale.

Subtle games 

Lace is synonymous with lingerie and will never go out of style. Look for pieces with small subtle embroidered details or sensual lingerie made entirely of see-through lace.

Boyfriend boxers

An extremely masculine garment, boxers have become a favorite in the world of women’s lingerie. But, these aren’t your typical cotton boxers. This new trend comes in silk and satin with lace details and sensual jewel tones.

White pieces 

There is nothing more cliché and bland than white underwear, but this season it has become a a must. Look for garments that are anything but boring, that denote sensuality and are a bit suggestive. Find pieces with lace or embroidery for a twist. 

A touch of silk

Lingerie dresses are back, but this garment which was originally intended for the bedroom has become a statement piece for street style. This season, pick up a silk camisole–a sumptuous textile that denotes luxury.

Each type of lingerie is perfect for a romantic night, but these aren’t just garments you wear when you’re intimate with your partner. A piece of lingerie can also be a gift for yourself, helping you feel strong, confident, and beautiful. And, you can find all of these trends in one place: Farfetch. There is a wide variety of lingerie pieces from the best brands; my favorites are Agent Provocateur and Kiki de Montparnasse. I am sure that at Farfetch, you’ll find something that will make you fall in love. Remember to use my code SIRAP10 for a 10% discount on full price items (applies only to new users). If you are going to make your purchase through PayPal, Farfetch now gives you the option to pay in up to 9 or 12 installments. Get one of these sexy lingerie garments for yourself and feel great about your body.

Lingerie is a very intriguing thing. What makes it so sensual? What is it that makes it so enigmatic? What does (or doesn’t) it leave to the imagination? Find out by picking up a piece for yourself. 



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