Meditation is a practice that has become very popular over the last few years. We’ve discovered the importance of relaxation, taking a break, and breathing. For many of us, finding time in our day to disconnect from it all and simply mediate is impossible. Others of us don’t know how and we get distracted easily, making it difficult to concentrate. 

Meditation benefits our health greatly, which is why, even though it’s difficult to find the time for it, it is necessary. We now know that mental health is as important as physical health. Recent studies done by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, show that meditating helps to reduce stress considerably and also brings about other benefits. It helps us control our anxiety levels and improve our overall mental health. In addition, meditation exercises help keep our minds more agile, increasing our ability to concentrate and understand what is going on around us. Meditation can even help us to sleep better. 

We can say, without a doubt, that meditation improves our daily life. But, for me, there are days when my schedule is so packed and I have so much to get done, that it’s very hard to find time to relax. Fortunately, in this digital era, we can do meditation exercises simply by using different apps on our cellphones. 

I’d like to share my go-to apps for when I need a few minutes to unwind and connect with my inner-self again. 


Why I like it: 

This internationally-recognized application may be so widely used that you already have it on your phone. I love this app for meditation because it’s easy to navigate. You can access the app quickly from your Apple Watch, and the sleep stories are just incredible. Some of them are read by celebrities like Matthew McConaughey or Harry Styles. Fun fact: the app has a Calm Kids section that offers activities for children aged 3-17 years old.

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Why I like it: 

This application allows you to personalize meditation exercises through the use of a quick questionnaire. I think of this app as a personal trainer for the world of meditation. As you improve, the activities become more and more complex, but this is still the perfect app for someone who’s just starting out. As a plus, the illustrations used in the app are truly something special. 

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Happy Not Perfect


This app gives you specific tips on meditation that are tailored to whatever you’re going through at the moment. I also love this app because it goes beyond meditation exercises and also has activities and recommendations that help you avoid stressful situations in your daily life. The goal of this app isn’t to eliminate all negativity in our lives, but rather to show us how to manage it. Life isn’t perfect, but we can find a way to live happily. 

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Similar to the others I’ve mentioned, MyLife Meditation: Mindfulness App allows us to personalize our exercises, routines, and meditation activities. I love it! It’s not only useful for adults; it has mindfulness exercises that children can do, and this app also has some free exercises. (Not all are free, but many are.)

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As you can see, I’m an avid user of these kinds of app. Sometimes it’s Calm, and other times it’s MyLife. It depends on the moment and what I’m feeling that day. These are just some of my recommendations based on what I personally think are the best meditation and relaxation apps. 

While these apps work well for me, that doesn’t mean that they will work for everyone, which is why it’s important to experiment and learn for yourself! Keep an open mind and don’t shut anything out immediately. 

Remember that it’s important to keep our bodies and minds as healthy as possible. When we feel good, everything flows better in our lives and we’re ultimately happier. 



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