Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to try a more daring makeup look. This Valentine’s Day, take inspiration from January’s Haute Couture runway shows.

Makeup should reflect your personality. It is something very intimate that helps share who you are with the world. For Valentine’s Day, choosing the right makeup look is a very important task. You can opt for a classic look with nude tones that highlight the natural features of your face or something more sensual with an old Hollywood vibe—dramatic eyeliner and red lip. Or, you can go for a more girly vibe with pink tones. The possibilities are endless and can adapt to any style.

There are many styles to choose from, and while trends change every season, the most important thing when choosing a makeup look is to feel comfortable and beautiful in your skin. If you want to try something different this Valentine’s Day, here are five trends we saw on the Spring 2022 Haute Couture runways that you can give a go.

Haute Couture collections are a fantastic escape from reality, in which designers present surreal garments that are true works of art. This season, the makeup looks on the runway were inspiring and magical; they invited us to dream through makeup. And what better time to try out a beauty look like that than on Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year?

Classic With a Twist: White Eyeliner

To accompany the creations of its Haute Couture collection, the French maison Christian Dior put a twist on pin-up eye-liner by changing it from black to white. This shade will give your makeup a punch and shed more light on your eyes, making them the focal point of your entire face. This look, created by Peter Philips, is perfect for February 14—it’s a romantic touch that makes your eyes shine.

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Super Hero Vibes: Graphic shadows

Lucia Pica decided to create a more daring eyeliner look for Chanel, in which color expands accross the face creating the illusion of a mask. This eyeliner brings to mind superheroes, and who wouldn’t want to channel her inner heroine or femme fatale on Valentine’s day? Give an aura of mystery and sensuality to your makeup look with this eyeliner.

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Scarlet Eyes: Red liners

For his Spring 2022 Haute Couture collection, designer Jean-Paul Gaultier collaborated with Glenn Martens to design a collection that combined the aesthetics of French rebellion and Belgian avant-garde. They gave us a beauty look, in which the eye is outlined in fiery red—very vibrant, almost neon. This is an interesting twist perfect for a Valentine’s Day date.

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Butterfly Wings: Extra-long lashes

Sumptuous, defined, and extra long: the eyelashes that we saw in the season’s makeup look from Elie Saab. This look is full of femininity and romanticism, making it perfect for February 14. Get your partner’s attention with these sensual lashes or be center of attention on your night out with friends. 

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The Midas Touch: Golden Hues

There is nothing more enigmatic and striking than golden tones. We saw this type of beauty look on Alexis Mabille’s Haute Couture catwalk, whose models looked absolutely angelic thanks to golden eyeliner. This look is like a halo for your eyes. It fills your face with radiance and is the perfect makeup for Valentine’s Day.

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