Many say that the eyes are the window to the soul, but in my opinion, lips are the most attractive facial feature. That is why it is essential to know how to keep them looking perfect. 

Sometimes we think that achieving perfect lips means applying a trendy lipstick color or high-shine gloss. But lips that really stand out take a bit more effort and dedication. In my opinion, my lips are one of my best features. That’s why I take such good care of them and have perfected my lip routine over the years.

Almost once a day, someone asks me about my lips. Many people think that I’ve gotten fillers. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The secret to my perfect lips is consistency in my beauty routine.

And, since I adore you all so much, I wanted to share my tips here. Here are all the steps in my routine: 

Step One: Exfoliate

Many people don’t think about this, but it is the most important thing when it comes to having healthy lips. I recommend doing it 1 or 2 times a week. When you exfoliate your lips, you remove impurities and dead skin cells. This gives your lips a more natural hue and helps them reflect light better.

You can do this with a homemade coconut oil and sugar scrub, but if you want to purchase one, I recommend: 

Dior Dior Addict Lip Glow Sugar Scrub – Click here to buy

Ilia Balmy Nights Lip Scrub – Click here to buy

Bliss Fabulips Lip Scrub  – Click here to buy

Step Two: Hydrate

It is important to keep your lips hydrated. I recommend drinking a lot of water but also constantly applying hydrating lip balm to keep your lips feeling fresh. Apply this before starting your makeup routine and try to touch up constantly, especially in dry weather.

The following are the lip balms that have worked best for me and are absolute musts in my beauty kit:

Dior Rouge Dior Floral Care Lip Balm – Click here to buy

Dr. Barbara Sturm Lip Balm – Click here to buy

La Mer The Lip Balm – Click here to buy

Tatcha Camellia Gold Spun Lip Balm – Click here to buy

Step Three: Highlight

One of my secrets is applying a bit of highlighter at the top of my lips, in the area known as the “Cupid’s Bow,” or, as I like to say, “the heart.” Highlighter makes your lips reflect more light, making them look bigger and fuller.

There are a ton of highlighters from many different brands, but the ones I like the most and think work well are: 

Lancôme Dual Finish Highlighter Multi-Tasking Illuminating Powder – Click here to buy

Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter – Click here to byt

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish: Highlighter + Balm Duo – Click here to buy

Step Four: Outline

It is important to outline your lips to give them contour, but my secret is that I actually apply a lot of lip liner, using a shade that is a little bit darker than my natural color, making my lips look bigger. First, I outline and then I fill in the inside of the lips to create a 3D effect that gives the illusion of greater volume.

I recommend the following lip pencils for perfectly defined lips: 

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner – Click here to buy

MAC Lip Pencil – Click here to buy 

Yves Saint Laurent Dessin Des Levres Lip Liner – Click here to buy

Step Five: Apply Color

Apply some color to your lips. I recommend using natural or pink tones, since darker pigments create the illusion of smaller lips. Apply evenly and don’t skimp. Follow the lines you created with your lip liner and blend to fill the corners of your lips well.

Here are some of the  brands and shades I like the most when it comes to creating 

perfect lips: 

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick Pillow Talk – Click here to buy

Hermès Rouge Hermes Satin Lipstick Beige Ébloui – Click here to buy

Dior Rouge Dior Matte Refillable Lipstick 100 Nude Look – Click here to buy

Pro-Tip: If you feel like adding a pop of color to your look–instead of just sticking to nude tones—I recommend reds. Apply the lipstick evenly, and  then, using white lip liner or lipstick in a lighter shade, draw a vertical line down the center of your lips. Blend the line in until it disappears completely creating a 3D volume effect. My favorite red lipstick in recent months is:

Dior Rouge Dior Matte Velvet Refillable Lipstick 999 Velvet Finish – Click here to buy

Step Six: Apply Gloss

It’s time to make your lips shine. Apply a layer of your favorite lip gloss to amp up the volumizing effect and make your lips stand out more. You’ll have to touch up as the day goes on so as not to lose this effect. 

Over the years I have tried many lip glosses, but my favorites in recent months are: 

Pat McGrath Labs LUST: Lip Gloss Bronze Divinity – Click here to buy

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer Fenty Glow – Click here to buy

Step Seven: Volumize

The last step I take to volumize my lips includes the use of one of my absolute favorite products. I always apply a little bit of La Mer Lip Volumizer. It gives a nice, natural shine that creates that irresistible look. It protects, hydrates, and softens the lips giving them a fuller effect. The best thing about this product is that you can keep applying it throughout the day as many times as you need to.

La Mer The Lip Volumizer – Click here to buy

If you follow these simple steps, I promise you’ll see fuller lips that are also 100% natural. The secret to my perfect lips is out! 



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