This collection is a love letter to Mexico and the words are the gorgeous embroidered patterns artisanally loom-woven onto the fabric. It is an explosion of vibrant colors that bring to mind the extraordinary beaches of the Costa Alegre region. 

Even after 10 years, the brand Olmos y Flores keeps surprising us with its collections, which fuse sensuality and the brand’s Mexican roots. The designers have been able to reinvent themselves season after season with innovative, captivating pieces. On this occasion, they went above and beyond all expectations. 

For Mexican designers Victor Olmos and Ali Flores this collection is closer to their hearts than any other, as it is inspired by the sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and architecture of the south of the country. Through the collection, they seek to get back there, by collaborating with artisans Pedro Romo and Ricardo Flores, who were given the responsibility of creating handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces on traditional looms. They also worked with illustrator Enrique Larios to create three exclusive drawings for the collection, also inspired by the landscapes of the Costa Alegre region.  

I must admit that I loved each and every piece. The combination of colors and ruffles on different dresses transported me to the beaches of paradise. A baby blue dress with buckles down the sides and gathered ruffles made me feel like I was submerged in the ocean, waves hitting the shore. Another great look was a layered skirt in green, blue, and orange tones, an abstract take on Costa Careyes, one of Mexico’s most gorgeous beaches. 

I am dying to travel again and be able to take a road trip to the different places that inspired this collection. I want to visit the boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta and admire the incredible craftsmanship of the tiles there, the same ones we see reflected in the patterns of this collection. I want to be on the Majahuas Coast, enjoying the infinite range of orange tones in a sunset while wearing my favorite new accessory courtesy of Olmos y Flores: an oversized, floral-print hat. 

Without a doubt, each item in this collection represents a little piece of the Costa Alegre region, and it’s no surprise that Mexico is so deeply infused in this collection. Since the launch of the brand in 2009, Olmos y Flores has celebrated its Mexican roots and used each of its collections to celebrate and share the soul of Mexico. 

I’m ready to get out there and yell “this is what Mexico looks like” while dressed from head to toe in a total look from Olmos y Flores.



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