And now onto today’s next show. Do you see why I feel I’m not losing anything about this Fashion Week? I’m literally watching show after show without all the running in between, and even my dresser has this season’s vibe!

For Tod’s runway, Walter Chiapponi (Tod’s creative director) decided to shot this collection at Villa Necchi Campiglio, with a short narrative video that accomplished to immerse us in the story and where we witnessed a refined silhouette splashed with just the right amount of eccentricity and the excellence that has always characterized the brand.

The color’s palette was a mix of neutral and pastel ones: earth tones mixed with bright ones that look impressive in the safari jackets, liquid duster jackets, pleated trousers and long shirts, creating a unique visual impact, if you want to check this, check out how stunning the pictures of all the outfits displayed together look like!

All the accessories helped complement the looks, those sandals fastened with laces on high cork platforms and the plexiglass heels were just the perfect adding touch! All put together achieved the elegant but casual look that has been a trademark for the brand.

I guess that with each passing show it gets more difficult to pick few looks to be my favorite ones, because there are so many thing I’d love to have, but I made an effort just so I can show to you what I absolutely loved:



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