New York City is an incredible place. It will surprise you and make you fall in love. Yes, there are theaters, museums, and boutiques, but what can you do in New York with the little ones?  

Sinatra once said “New York, New York, it’s a wonderful town” and truer words were never spoken (or sung!). New York City is a little universe in which dreams come true. It has some of the world’s best art museums like the MoMa, Whitney, and Guggenheim; it has great musical theater on Broadway; and Madison Square Garden has witnessed some of the most memorable sporting events of all time. 

Who doesn’t love to visit the city that never sleeps? Well…those of us who have young children might doubt whether we should go to New York on family vacation. It’s such busy, massive city that it might not be the best place for little ones. Many of New York’s tourist attractions may not be to the liking and enjoyment of children, but Manhattan actually offers a wide variety of places and activities that are perfect for enjoying New York with kids.

Last weekend my family visited me while I was enjoying New York Fashion Week, and it was truly one of the most fun and memorable weekends of the year. I saw a different side of the city I love so much. Here are some of the best options for what to do in New York with the youngest members of your family.

Color Factory

This 1,858 square-meter space offers different immersive artistic installations that the whole family can enjoy. Each of the spaces at Color Factory are a colorful fantasy that, in addition to being visually appealing, are fun and children love. One of best things about this place is that each installation is created in collaboration with artists, designers, and other creatives. The Manhattan headquarters features contributions from Leah Rosenberg, Jason Polan, Erin Jang, and many more.

Founded in 2018, this has become one of the most popular stops for tourists from all over the world, regardless of age. One of the most fun spaces is the ball pit, where you can spend hours playing or simply taking cool photos. Every corner of this space will surprise you in the best way; it’s a unique experience that not only your children will enjoy. You will too!

Location: 251 Spring Street New York, NY 10013

Website: click here

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Sloomoo Institute

This place is a slime paradise that goes beyond being just a tactile experience. It is for all of the senses. The philosophy of the place is to not give visitors too much information about the experience beforehand, so that each person can have an unexpected response to what they are experiencing.  

Among the facilities is an immersive tunnel with ASMR (Autonomous Meridian Sensory Response). This tunnel immerses visitors in relaxing sounds created by slime. Another experience is a room with glow-in-the-dark slime and a slime bar where you can create your dream slime. Visiting the place is a surreal experience that will provide hours of fun for the little ones in the family.

Location: 475 Broadway New York, NY 10013

Website: Click here

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Central Park Zoo

A walk through Central Park is perfect for spending time with the family. You can enjoy an afternoon at Sheep’s Meadow, where you can play frisbee, have a picnic, or just relax. But in addition to these activities, Central Park is home to the famous Central Park Zoo: a mandatory stop for any tourist visiting NYC for the first time, and one that the little ones are sure to love.

Among the animals that you’ll find in the zoo is the impressive snow leopard. Visit the Polar Circle to meet the king penguins, chinstrap penguins, macaroni penguins, and Juanito penguins or spend some time watching the grizzly bear or the sea lions. Another activity I am sure the kids will enjoy is the Tisch Children’s Zoo, home to sheep, goats and more. Here, little ones can jump, climb, and act like animals themselves. It is not the largest zoo in New York, but it is a perfect way to spend the morning without having to leave Manhattan.

Location: 64th Street and Fifth Avenue New York, New York 10021

Website: Click here

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The Natural History Musuem

This museum is one of my favorite places to go with my children. It’s a place where knowledge comes to life through exhibits and interactive activities. From the moment you enter the museum, there is instant wow factor with the impressive dinosaur fossils in the lobby. There are more than 45 spaces dedicated to the worlds of flora, fauna, geology, astronomy, and cultures of the world. One visit to the museum isn’t enough to explore all the exhibits, so include this stop on your itinerary every time you visit New York.

Among the most surprising exhibits is the Hall of Ocean Life, where a blue whale is suspended from the ceiling and you can learn about all different kinds of marine life. Another of the musts of this museum is the Rose Center for Earth and Space, where you can explore the cosmos and history of the universe. There, you can find the Hayden Planetarium, where you’ll get transported to the most distant corners of the universe.

Location: 200 Central Park West New York, NY 10024-5102

Website: Click here

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Liberty New York Helicopter Tour

One of the most iconic monuments in New York is the Statue of Liberty, and there are many ways to see this architectural masterpiece. You can visit the island or take a ferry to admire the view from afar, but the best and most enjoyable way to see Lady Liberty is by air.

Thousands of immigrants arriving by boat were greeted with this statue’s striking gaze, so any visit to NYC must include a visit to this monument. In my experience, the best way to see it is on a helicopter ride. You skip the crowds, enjoy the Statue of Liberty, and see the impressive city from a unique point of view.

Location: 6 East River Piers New York, NY 10004

Website: Click here

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These are some of the activities that I personally love when visiting NYC with my children. I’m sure that if you visit New York with your little ones, any of these places will be a hit and both you and your kids will have fun.



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