Cellulite is difficult to get rid of, but it is not impossible to improve its appearance.

Spring Break is approaching, and this means going to the beach. So, we’ll not only be looking for perfect swimsuit but firmer and smoother skin. No one can really get rid of cellulite, especially women, as we have a genetic predisposition to it. The numbers are clear: 93% of women have cellulite. There are well-known factors that trigger it or that can improve the quality of it–such as diet, our pace of life, our exercise habits, and our alcohol use.

Thanks to the body positive and body neutrality movement, we can accept that this condition in our skin is completely normal and natural. And, if we want to do something to change it, that’s ok, too. For those who want to, you can improve the appearance of cellulite with treatments, products, and techniques. It may be difficult to correct, but it’s also not impossible. You can start with creams and serums and do some 5 to 10 minute massages everyday day using a suction cup or a massager to activate your circulation, oxygenate cells, and “dissolve” nodules. All this will visibly help achieve your goals.

Here are some of my favorite products. Just remember that it also takes perseverance, a proper diet, and exercise.

Silicone suction cups

These are one of my favorite products when it comes to massaging different parts of the body, emphasizing the thighs, legs, and butt. It helps to perform anti-cellulite massages while you activate circulation in the area you’re treating.

Body scrub

There are so many scrubs out there, so look for one that focuses on a medium-level of abrasion and leaves your skin extra smooth. Body exfoliation is one of the best secrets to making your skin smoother to the touch while removing impurities and dead cells. You will notice that your skin looks softer and cleaner, too.

Massage roller

Invest in a wooden massage roller, as it will help the quality of your skin in different areas. Work with different types of massages and improve blood circulation, tone up your muscles, and smooth out your skin.

Slimming and firming creams

There are many options on the market for anti-cellulite treatments, from commercial brands to more specialized ones. Look for products that help you avoid fat accumulation, that stimulate the production of collagen and that manage to penetrate into the tissue.

Electric massager

Thanks to today’s technology, we have tools like electric massagers, which are practical devices we can take everywhere to perform effective massages on our butt and legs and activate circulation, combat cellulite, and smooth out our skin.




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