First of all, pins done a very special part on almost every look, they gave life to clothes, it was like they have been in the party too but by their side and by the way they had more fun than you.

Estaba alrededor de la fragancia Versace Blonde, el estampado en V, las faldas de rejilla para que puedas ver el interior, un equilibrio muy poderoso entre los colores dorado, mango y terracota acentuados con un verde fresco brillante. Suéteres rotos, telas de punto sin terminar como, asiente con la cabeza para acentuar el torso, cuero, piel, gargantillas, pinzas para el cabello doradas, calcetines peludos, abrigos con estampados de animales … Casi no podía reconocer a Issa Lish con toda la diversión que la acompañaba.

You could find almost every kind of small jewel and charm imaginable in this collection even a small sized fragrance bottle hanging on a golden bracelet surrounded by more curiosities.
The styling seems bad done and there was layering in a more sophisticated and discreet way than we usually see. The layering started at the bottom with a long sleeve shirt followed by a bowling like shirt and at the top of everything a beautiful satin or silk slip tank top. But the “bad done” styling is not a bad thing at all, on the contrary, it gave an unfinished vibe, a “im not polished yet” vibe, the one that only wild souls have.

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