Dark spots? Vitamin C. Expression lines? Vitamin C. Protection against UV rays? Vitamin C. This ingredient is truly miraculous and should be part of any skincare routine.

We often hear about miraculous products that will change our complexion and how including them in our beauty routine will work wonders. But, something that good seems like a fairy tale or lie. However, when it comes to Vitamin C, everything you’ve heard is true. Vitamin C is one of the ingredients that most benefits our epidermis.

We often hear that we must increase our consumption of fruits and vegetables containing Vitamin C, and while it’s true that eating these foods will help our body, the last organism to receive the vitamin is the skin. That’s why it’s important to include a topical Vitamin C treatment in our beauty routine. 

There are many products to choose from, like serums, creams, lotions, masks, and oils. Choosing the right product depends on the type of skin you have. For example, for oily skin, it’s better to choose a light-weight serum, while for dry skin, a moisturizing cream will work better. Remember that it’s important to consult your dermatologist to find out the best way to integrate this ingredient into your routine without causing any kind of reaction.

What are the benefits of Vitamin C? 

Boost collagen production: As we know, collagen is produced naturally by our body and helps us have firm, elastic skin. Vitamin C helps us to increase collagen production.

Combat dark spots: Hyperpigmentation refers to the dark spots on our skin caused by pollution and sun exposure. As an antioxidant, Vitamin C helps us reduce these spots and improve the appearance of the skin.

Hydrates the skin: Poorly hydrated skin can become dry, irritated, and dull in appearance. Vitamin C helps our skin retain moisture and water more easily, resulting in healthier, more luminous skin.

Diminishes redness: There are many factors that can cause redness or irritation. Applying a little Vitamin C can help combat these issues and reduce redness thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

As you can see, the benefits of vitamin C many. It can visibly help us combat certain problems like irritation and blemishes, as well as help reduce bags under the eyes and counteract signs of aging like expression lines and wrinkles-

You have to be careful when using Vitamin C, so here is a list of recommendations that you should take into account:

Use the products in the morning: This is not a rule, but it’s best if you use products containing Vitamin C in the morning, so that your skin can absorb the benefits throughout the day. It also helps to protect us from UV rays. I recommend using a serum, moisturizer, or an SPF containing Vitamin C. Remember that you must apply the product at least 30 minutes before leaving home.

Look at the ingredient concentration: The concentration of Vitamin C varies depending on the product and brand. The ingredient does not have any detrimental effect on the skin, but it is important that people with dry skin choose products with a low concentration such as 5% or 10% while those with oily skin seek a higher concentration (no more than 20%).

Store your products the right way: Vitamin C is sensitive to light and environmental factors, which is why most products that contain it come in opaque bottles. I recommend storing your products in a cool place where they are not exposed to light. In this way, you get more out of the product.

As you can see, including Vitamin C in your skin care routine can have many benefits. You might even have a product that contains this miraculous ingredient. If you don’t, consider getting one. One of my favorites is the Luminous Vitamin C Serum from Spa Technologies. Its other ingredients, like marine peptides and seaweed extract, make it the perfect product for achieving a radiant and healthy complexion. Remember that before making any changes to your skincare routine, it’s important to consult an expert and learn about the best methods and products for your skin type.



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