A few days ago, some of you maybe saw my Instagram’s stories where I was talking about the way I see the current world’s situation with coronavirus and the quarantine we’re living through. For those of you that couldn’t see the stories, I talked about how important is for all of us to work together so we can get through this together. Of course I´m concerned about what the future may bring but I’m convinced that there’s nothing we can’t face, as I’ve already said, together as a real community, a global community that remembers the importance of giving and receiving. 

 I also talked about how sometimes the content that some of us (influencers) post can seem to be shallow or frivolous, specially in times like the ones we’re living, but in reality what we are trying to do, at least what I’m trying to do with the content I post, is to give you a little respite from all the news’s bombarding that seems to be full of concern and only bad things to report. I want to show you in my social media that even in the middle of what could be seem as times of darkness, the world still offers us wonderful things and moments to look at, and thar are worthy to be showcased!

So, yes, you’re going to keep seeing posts about what I’m passionate about, but it was important to me to let you know that I acknowledge what’s going on in the world right now, that I care and most importantly, that I’m doing everything I can do to contribute to this global community I was talking about, so I ask you to do your best to contribute to this as well because I just know that we are going to get through this, and maybe once all of this is over, we´ll acknowledge the importance and beauty of being an essential part of this global community. 

 Please stay safe, pay attention to your authorities’ recommendations and stay at home as much as you can, and don’t forget to do what’s in your hands , to make this world a better place to live. Know that all of you are always in my thoughts! 

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