I always try to eat balanced and healthful food, but sometimes I’m in the mood for a cheat meal. But, before I have one, I ask myself where it would be worth it to break my diet.

I love food and the experience having a good meal, enjoying the flavors and aromas. There’s truly nothing better than a great meal. In my everyday life, I try to eat balanced, healthful meals, but there are days when I simply can’t fight a craving, and I have a cheat meal.

A recent experience comes to mind: my last trip to Mexico City. I definitely ate my fair share of tacos. I love going to Mexico and having a great taco, and my favorites are al pastor and tacos de canasta. A little tip from me: the tacos de canasta at la Plaza de Toros are the best I’ve ever tried.

As you can see, I break my diet frequently enough, but I always ask myself first: is this meal worth it as my cheat meal? Is this where I want to break my diet?

Save yourself the disappointment of food that really isn’t worth breaking your diet over and just ends up making you feel guilty afterwards. Here’s a list of some of my favorite restaurants, where it’s definitely worth it to break your diet.  


One of my favorite spots, which serves up Texas-style fare with a level of grandiosity that I absolutely love. It’s perfect when you are looking for Southern comfort food. I go to the North Miami location, but they have restaurants from California to New Jersey.

My favorite dish: Ding’s Crispy Chicken sandwich, with fried chicken that melts in your mouth, Swiss cheese, and hot sauce.

Check out the full menu at: https://www.houstons.com/

Shake Shack

There is nothing more American than a hamburger. I think that everyone has their favorite, and mine is from Shake Shack. And, I know many would agree. Just take a look at the lines that wrap around the block whether in Mexico City, New York, or Miami.

My favorite dish: The ShackBurger, a classic cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato, and the secret ShackSauce.

Check out the full menu at: https://www.shakeshack.com/

Joe’s Stone Crab

A must for anyone visiting Miami who loves seafood. Since 1913, this restaurant has been known for its crabs, and it now offers a wide variety of delicious meals. It’s a part of the history and culture of Miami Beach.

My favorite dish: The Lobster Roll with a side of crispy French fries. And, I can never leave the restaurant without getting a slice of their Key Lime Pie.

Check out the full menu at: https://www.joesstonecrab.com/


From the creative minds of  David Grutman and Pharrell Williams comes a paradise for seafood lovers. The decor is incredible, and I love getting a table in the outdoor dining section to feel the warm air and cool breeze as I enjoy a slice of pizza and a cocktail.

This restaurant has such a varied menu that I think anyone could find something that suits them. For me, the Spicy Salami Pizza with honey is an absolute must. Definitely try it if you go.

Check out the full menu at: https://www.swanbevy.com/


Located in the Hôtel Costes, one of the chicest places to stay in the City of Lights, is this restaurant as chic as the hotel itself. Even Parisian high society loves to come here for dinner.

My favorite dish: Their delicious Spicy Lobster Pasta. I finish off my meal with a slice of their cheesecake, my favorite in the whole world.

Check out the full menu at: https://www.hotelcostes.com/en/restaurant-bar


Located right in the heart of Paris is this gem of a restaurant that celebrates Chinese cuisine. This is by far my favorite spot for Asian food. Not only is the space beautiful, but each dish is full of flavor that reflects 35 years of culinary excellence.

My favorite dish: Wow. This is a tough one. Everything on the menu is exquisite: Dim Sum, Boeuf au Gingembre, Canard à la Pékinoise…I don’t think I could choose just one.

Check out the full menu at: https://restaurant-diep.business.site/


Whenever I go to Mexico, the first thing I do is get some tacos, and my go-to spot is Farolito. With more than 60 years of experience, this taco shop offers a wide variety of styles of this Mexican delicacy.  

My favorite dish: An order of Tacos al Pastor with all the toppings or a Gringa, which contains al pastor style meat smothered in melted cheese and pressed between two wheat tortillas.

Check out the full menu at: https://elfarolito.com.mx/


As you all already know, Vail is one of my favorite vacation spots, but what I have yet to mention is that my all-time favorite ice-cream shop can be found there too. In addition to having absolutely fabulous ice cream, this spot also offers mouthwatering cakes and cookies. Yum!

My favorite dish: A scoop of Chai ice cream in a waffle cone.

Check out the full menu at: https://www.sundaeicecream.com/

I wasn’t lying; I truly love food. One of my guilty pleasures is eating delicious street corn with mayonnaise or hot chiles. Or, if I’m in the mood for something sweet, perhaps I’ll grab a concha with cream filling from Maque. You don’t have to spend millions to have a great meal. You can get something awesome from a food truck or a restaurant with 3 Michelin Stars. Expand your horizons and be adventurous with your food choices!

Whenever I have a craving, I head to one of these spots for a cheat meal. So, the next time you’re asking yourself, “where should I break my diet?,” just think: WWSD? (What would Sira do?) Then, take yourself out for one of the most delicious meals of your life.

This article is definitely making me hungry, and I’m almost positive that I’ll be breaking my diet today. The only question is where, and I’m not sure just yet!



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