A little sparkle to brighten our days. Designers are obsessed with sequins, embroidered crystals, and glitter. This trend invites us to dream and shine to the fullest.

Fashion has always been a way of escaping reality. Through beautifully tailored clothing, haute couture designers create a unique fantasy that transports us to a universe where beauty comes to life in the form of garments. And one of the designers’ favorite resources for creating this fantastical world is the shimmer and shine of sparkling elements.

Sequins, glitter, and crystals all help weave a story full of light and joy. Just like after the Great Depression, during the roaring ‘20s, we are living in a time when we need a bit of a fantasy in our lives. And this feeling translates into the clothing we wear. We don’t want the typical Little Black Dress, but we do want a sequined one, and instead of a regular classic tuxedo jacket, we want one that shines. Even knits are becoming statement pieces with a bit of sparkle. But this trend is not just for clothes; we’re also seeing it in accessories, bags and shoes. Just like the clothing, these accessories add a bit magical escapism to our daily lives.

While these shimmery elements were once typical only in nightwear, they have now become part of our daytime wardrobe as well. Blouses, pants, sweaters, dresses, hoodies, t-shirts and more—there’s no garment that has not been reinterpreted. This Fall 21 season, we’re seeing the trend in the collections from Valentino, Michael Kors, Gucci, Prada, Carolina Herrera, Celine, Miu Miu, and many others.

A little sparkle helps elevate the mundane and make it extraordinary!

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