This fashion week’s central inspiration has been without a doubt female strength, intelligence and capabilities, and Ferragamo’s show wasn’t the exception. Paul Andrew wanted this collection to be a kind of tribute to strong iconic women such as Virginia Woolf, Nancy Pelosi, Nina Simone, Beyoncé and Michelle Obama, among others. Did you know that he read Carl Jung’s theories on women archetypes? These are the queen, the mother, the lover, the sage, the maiden, the huntress and the mystic. All these archetypes describe models for women’s behavior and influence the way we think and act.

Fashion houses seem to be united this season in recognizing what’s important for the contemporary woman: our right to be acknowledged as a vital part of society. As you know, I’ve always seen fashion as a form of expressing yourself and in the Ferrgamo’s show I could see how Paul Andrew gave life to these thoughts through silhouttes based on classic custom suits for men with a twist on details such as fringes, chains, lingerie elements and crochet technique.

There was a wide variety in the pieces presented, from modern working clothes in sober colors, that for sure will be trendy this season, to long skirts with fringes and small tops underneath the transparent shirts that only covered the boobs, that can make a woman feel enpowered. Andrew also introduced total looks in leather pieces in a very cool way, some green large coats, jumpers, super high waisted pants and long dresses.

I felt very comfortable in my total white look, a leather mini skirt, a backless sweater, socks and the new and lovely viva flats. For my hair I did a super high ponytail with a wrapped ribbon and for my makeup, I decided on a natural look with pink lips.

Clothes define ourselves and I’m totally convinced we should feel comfortable with what we wear, regardless of trends, we should always feel free and choose what best suits us and makes us feel amazing. I love Andrew’s concept and the wide variety of options proposed this season, combat boots and elegant sandals because I always want to have both on my closet and I guess that a lot of women feel that way too.