The models walked through a beautiful garden created at Pavillon Cambon, full of trees and flowers to present the Fall – Winter collection of Ralph and Russo and let me tell you it was an unforgettable experience.

Fashion is focused in empowering females and designers are delighted in creating clothes for the strong, independent and multifaceted modern woman. For Ralph and Russo has always been important to create exactly this kind of pieces, because as Tamara Ralph said, “More than ever in history, women want to travel and see the world for themselves”. Therefore, some of the designs were inspired in Ancient Greek and other places around the world, channeling every woman’s inner explorer.

Following this global explorer inspiration this collection was composed by different silhouettes, some inspired by kimonos with large sleeves and pronounced necklines, others more casual like sweater and pants, there were also some two-piece suits, short trousers with boots, some ski sets, that by the way I’m completely in love with, and sensual lace long dresses. In fact, this collection had something for all different types of women and their styles.

I loved the fabrics: plaid wool, the smooth and patterned silks, the denim, blue military textures, black lace, floral patterns and the feathered details.

I really liked this collection because I think they covered the different phases a woman can get through during the course of our lives. There are many fabrics and silhouettes involved in the designs, some are cute, some are casual and some others are sexy.

My look for the show was a set of two pieces of top and mini shorts from the SS collection, in a beautiful turquoise color that I combined with white tights and a sweater underneath. I wore turquoise sandals and a pink purse.

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