Between work, family, writing and… well many other things I have to do,  my agenda is totally packed. So many times, I don’t have time to cook a healthy meal, so I was thrilled when I found Sakara, your own personal chef.

We all know that sometimes we sacrifice having a home cooked meal because we lack the energy after working hard all day or simply because there aren’t enough hours on the clock. But luckily, I have the solution to having the most delicious and nutritional meals delivered to your door.

I am talking about Sakara, a one stop website where you can go to get meal programs, vitamins, detox plans, among other things. Last week I ordered the 5-day program, and let me confess to you, I loved it. All their food is organic and well balanced, every bite I had of each plate was so yummy!

Each week we can enjoy a whole new menu, prepared by professional chefs that translate international flavors into watering mouth dishes. It will literally feel that each meal is from farm-to-table, you can taste the freshness of the products.

This is not your regular just salads and water nutrition plan, with them you get delicious pumpkin bread for breakfast followed by a pomegranate, vegetables and seed salad with dressing and a coconut-lime chickpeas stew for dinner. And next day, you will be devouring an amazing Neapolitan Parfait for breakfast, talking about sweetness extravaganza to start your day.

One of the bonusses is that Sakara is 100% sustainable and organic, I always look for the places that they walk the walk and talk the talk. You know that for me one of the most important things is to be green and eco as much as possible, and all the packaging for each meal is made from recycled materials. And all their food comes from organic farms, assuring us that what we are eating will be good for our body.

I cannot translate into words how amazed I am with the product’s quality, I mean after each meal I was so satisfied. One of my favorite dishes was the Rising Sun Quesadilla with pico de gallo, I literally licked my fingers, and I am going to be dreaming with their Banana Bread with ruby red berries all week.