Pink, the color of sweetness, femininity and romance. I have always loved the iconic Mean Girls quote “On Wednesday we wear pink” but I always tell myself… all week we wear pink.

Many people tend to associate the color to being girly, innocence and fragility, but for me it is a power color. I see pink as the toughest, most interesting color there is, it can show femininity but still stand out, be sweet but with fierce energy. In my opinion it is the perfect color to wear all week long. Some of my fashion icons and amazing female role models have rock it on screen like the bright and sharp Elle Woods, from Legally Blonde, or the powerful and infamous Betty Rizzo and the Pink Ladies, from Grease. 

So here I present to you three ways to wear different shades of pink and not loose comfort in your daily life.

2000’s tracksuit reloaded


Take inspiration from early millennium and rock some velour tracksuits to imitate the classic look worn by the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears or Paris Hilton. I loved how this look can go from sipping coffee after a spinning class to a dazzling night out with the right accessories.

Home office attire


In this new era were working from home has become the rule and not the exception, I can only think of comfort. So this look combines a classic tee with some sweatpants and comfy sneakers to hang around while doing zoom meetings… without the camera on!

Let’s get physical, physical


There is no better way to energize yourself while working out than to wear a perfect pink sports bra and some leggings. I loved Olivia Newton John 1981 song and I got to say is one of my favorite jams to hear while working out.

If you screen through my Instagram, you will see that pink is one of my favorite shades. It is the perfect way to either create a full outfit or just add a pop of color that will elevate your look.