Shopping Cart: Neutrals, your best friends

Don’t think twice: if you find a neutral piece you like, add it to your closet. It will be your new best friend. No wardrobe is complete without a good repertoire of neutral colors. I’m talking about shades like black, white, gray, camel or brown. Colors that are easy to combine with each other and…


Shopping Cart: Disco Nights

50 years ago, the world experienced a fashion heyday: the disco era. Glamour, beauty and lots of dancing, how about reliving those years with our clothes? The 70s aesthetic is super iconic. In the middle…

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Shopping Cart: Ski Trip

Putting together the perfect outfit for a trip to the snowy landscapes is quite a challenge, since the options to look amazing are many. That’s why today I’ve curated a list to help you choose…

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Shopping Cart: Coat Season with a Twist

Winter is getting closer and it’s always good to have a coat on hand. Let me recommend some of them and the best clothes to complement them. Winter is coming! And more than quoting the…

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Fashion Spring Cleaning

Find out which pieces you love, which you don’t want anymore, and which you can donate or sell. This is a task that must be done at least once a year and requires time and…

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Retail of the Future

 Brands are going beyond sales and focusing on the shopping experience for their customers, combining online and in-person sales to survive in difficult times.  After the pandemic affected the way we shoo, there is no…

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Coffee Lovers

There is more and more research on the benefits of consuming coffee. Two or three cups a day can help reduce the risk of diabetes and improve brain health, and of course, mood.  I like…

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Shopping cart: Dresses in All Shapes

This summer, don’t be afraid to be the center of attention at any outing with ultra short dresses, bodycon silhouettes, printed designs and diverse materials. For this Shopping Cart, I wanted to focus on dresses…

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My makeup bag

A look at the essentials that I carry in my bag as basics for my 24/7 makeup routine. People always want to know what’s in my makeup bag. The truth is that I try to…

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Medical Aesthetics for Your Face

A definitive guide to the facial treatments you should get in 2022. Give your skin a boost of luminosity and hydration with most requested and effective cabin procedures. Going to get a facial or cabin…

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