New York Fashion Week in Looks

We are in one of my favorite seasons of the year: from September to October, from New York to Paris, the top designers gather again to present their Spring/Summer collections, giving us a taste of the trends we will see everywhere next year. Now that Milan is kicking off, and to say goodbye to New…


Shopping Cart: A Pop of Color

Colors are a great tool to convey what we feel: combined with the right cuts or sizes in the garments, they express more than a thousand words. Let me recommend some pieces to add to…

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Shopping Cart: Superhero who?!

The other day I was thinking about superheroes and superheroines, their powers, and, above all, their outfits. How about putting together a few looks that have all the poise of these stories’ protagonists, plus the…

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Back in the Roaring 20’s

During the 20s (those of the last century) the term flapper began to be used to talk about a very particular type of woman; one who didn’t follow the rules of etiquette established by the…

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Fashion Spring Cleaning

Find out which pieces you love, which you don’t want anymore, and which you can donate or sell. This is a task that must be done at least once a year and requires time and…

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Retail of the Future

 Brands are going beyond sales and focusing on the shopping experience for their customers, combining online and in-person sales to survive in difficult times.  After the pandemic affected the way we shoo, there is no…

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Coffee Lovers

There is more and more research on the benefits of consuming coffee. Two or three cups a day can help reduce the risk of diabetes and improve brain health, and of course, mood.  I like…

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Shopping cart: Dresses in All Shapes

This summer, don’t be afraid to be the center of attention at any outing with ultra short dresses, bodycon silhouettes, printed designs and diverse materials. For this Shopping Cart, I wanted to focus on dresses…

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My makeup bag

A look at the essentials that I carry in my bag as basics for my 24/7 makeup routine. People always want to know what’s in my makeup bag. The truth is that I try to…

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Medical Aesthetics for Your Face

A definitive guide to the facial treatments you should get in 2022. Give your skin a boost of luminosity and hydration with most requested and effective cabin procedures. Going to get a facial or cabin…

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