A travel memory, a moment in our life, someone dear to us. All that and more can be associated to a single scent, it is amazing how powerful perfumes are, so imagine what you could do if you had a signature scent.

Scent, unlike our other senses, has the ability to be linked to a specific memory or emotion due to being connected to the limbic part of our brains. So that is why we can get really emotional or visceral with a specific perfume or associating a fragrance with a specific moment or person in our life. 

It is incredible what a scent can bring in every one of us, the other day as I was passing by a group oof people a very distinctive and alluring aroma caught my attention and my mind went rushing into my first trip to Paris when I was younger. Strange how our minds work, but this got me thinking of the phrase “signature scent”.

I’ve never been the girl that only uses and sprays herself one type of perfume all her life, I usually have a rotation of fragrances that I have carefully selected and become infatuated with.  In my opinion there is no point in only choosing one signature scent when we all are more complex than that.

So, here my favorite scents:

Promise by Dominique Ropion

This has become one of the most treasured perfumes and almost my daily scent. I loved the lingering scent of Patchouli and Labdanum, but what really is mythical about Promise is the concept behind the fragrance… a promise between two people is unbreakable and like this scent it is invisible.

Night Veils Tobacco Mandarin from Byredo

Whenever I use this scent I am transported to the beautiful Orient, the powerful journey we experience from the top notes; Mandarin, Coriander and Cumin; to the hearth of Tobacco, Leather and Labdanum; with a base of Sandalwood, Oud, Olibanum, makes me want to travel again.

Paris – Venise by Chanel

This scent, from Les Eaux de Chanel, has notes of Vanilla and Tonka blended perfectly with essence of Neroli to create an exquisite balance between freshness and sensuality. Inspired in Mademoiselle Chanel’s trip to the city of Venice this fragrance is truly unique.

Sweet Morphine from Ex Nihilo

Like the perfect flower bouquet this perfume incarnates the duality of femininity, the soft and innocent Lilac and Bergamot essences evaporate into stronger notes of Iris and Mimosa just before a powerful aroma of Vanilla and Patchouli remains in your skin.

Good Girl Suprême by Carolina Herrera

“Intensive seductive” that is what the campaign says about this fragrance, well I couldn’t agree more. The strong aroma of Berries, Egyptian Jasmin mixed with Tonka Bean and Vetiver is just superb, it creates a new and modern take on the art of perfumery that is just magnificent and, may I dare say, bewitching.

Loewe X Paula’s Ibiza From Loewe

Just like the capsule collection, this perfume bottles the freshness and youthful spirit of the brand. The Coconut water is layered with Galbanum oil and Mandarin that give way to a floral and wood scent and finally transform into Ambergris, Sulawesi Patchouli oil, Madagascar Vanilla absolute.

Black Orchid by Tom Ford 

Like everything Tom Ford, this perfume exudes sensuality. A timeless, yet modern, fragrance that has a luxurious and alluring accords of rich, dark and powerful Black Orchids, Black Truffle and Plum. The perfect aroma that will create a veil of intrigue and enigma to every woman.

J’Adore from Dior

An icon from the French fashion house, this perfume is the mixture of the most beautiful scents of flowers around the world. All crafted into a perfect aroma bouquet that compliments the women that use it. The Ylang-Ylang and Turkish Damascus Rose notes blend with Jasmine to create a sensual, fresh and rich scent.

Velvet Lavender by Eric Buterbaugh

Created by Master Perfumer Harry Freemont for Eric Butterbaugh, the world-renowned floral designer turned exquisite perfumer. This aroma where lavender is the Conductor while the notes of Apricot, Bergamot, Sage, Sandalwood and Vanilla are the perfect orchestra playing a beautiful symphony.

As I told before, I am not a one type of scent lady. I think that perfumes should be a reflection of the mood we are looking for and feeling at every situation and moment of our life. I think what makes a great signature scent is the combination of having different perfumes for different occasions. But remember that what matters the most is the woman behind the scent.